Our lake is “SPILLING” 12/26

 Blessings were bestowed upon us this year as our lake filled up by Christmas and started spilling the day after!! Many people came through this week and caught limits of trout from the shore either at the beach or down in the Open Area.  The main bait used was Powerbait but worms and marshmallows caught an 8 lb. by Wayne Ray in his campsite. 

Gary Roberts & his friend Sal Abramonte of Seaside were toplining with Rapala lures and limit out on trout.  Tom Ives & Ben Boyd also trolled with Rapalas and limited, their biggest almost 6 pounds!!  Brandon Miller says his buddy Bertoni Delong was an “expert guide” at trolling with lures.  Brandon caught a 5 lb. 4 oz. Rainbow under the power lines up towards the bridge.

John Hinders of Marysville caught a 9 pound Rainbow from shore on green Powerbait off the sany beach area.  That was the biggest trout he’s ever caught here!!  The Smith Family of SAC left here with a stringer of 10 trout yesterday.  They used Powerbait or worms and ripped it up!!!

Garrett Smith caught a 6 lb. 4 oz. the day before off the beach on a Kastmaster and Ryan Cameron limited out by the dam and his biggest was a 4 lb. 4 oz. Rainbow using a bass plug he said.

F & G also owns a huge piece of property below the dam called Daugherty Hill Wildlife Area which is open to hunters. The Jr. Hunt season opens when the regular season ends and so far this year we’ve seen two successful Jr. Hunters.

Dean Gorans of Rescue bagged a 3 point buck on 12/18 and Todd Carr got his just today which was also a 3 point buck!

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