Huge Trout caught almost daily

The last couple of weeks felt  like springtime around here with the beautiful weather and huge monster trout being caught almost daily. This week we are expecting rain for six days.  Although we don’t get many bravehearts fishing in the rain, the great news is: the lake is filling and we are “fed” by rainfall only. We expecting warm weather again by Thanksgiving .  A higher lake and lots of huge fish and good food make a perfect blessing. Oh, by the way we’ll take your leftovers!!

Ray & Margaret Johnson went home extremely pleased with their “booty” of trout, bass & catfish, the biggest cat was a 10 pounder and biggest trout was 5 pounds.


Chris Hazen of Grass Valley came early on Wed. to help us stock our trout net pens and fished for a couple of hours in his Kayak.  He hooked a huge trout which started spinning him in the kayak and his dilemma grew when the line kept getting tangled in the oar.  Now he has get is close enough to net the fish! Hmmm, pole in hand and the net in the other became a challenge in the biggest feat he’s faced in awhile. He gave a big AMEN and said I know I only have one chance and  he managed to swoop his monster 7 lb. 12 oz. Rainbow right between his legs the kayak.  He rode back to the beach holding his trophy under his legs.  Chris usually fishes from shore with his besties who missed a great show that would have been perfect on YouTube!!

Thanks to Alan Tomiyama for sending us a picture from his cell phone of his wonderful 10lb. Catfish!! Jerrett Guidero was fishing for Bass with Speedbait and hooked a 6lb. 13 oz. Rainbow! Surprise!! Surprise!!  Jordan & Walker trolled with Needlefish and caught 5 trout.  My buddy Gus Grimmett hooked a 4 lb. trout, no surprise on that one cause Gus has been fishing with Dad since he was 2 yrs. old and always catches trout. 


Other big hitters this week are:

Howard Victorino 6 lb. trout Powerbait by dam

Luke Kerzie 6 lb. trout Powerbait by marina

Perla Smith 6 lb. trout north end trolling north on a spinner (Her 1st fish ever)

Vern Felker 6 lb. Trout trolling Needlefish on east bank

Howard Young 6 lb. 8 oz. trout from the shore on white Gulp Power Eggs

It’s good to be home-kathy hess



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