Fall Fishing from the Shore is Still Hot

Our lake is dropping as it normally does this time of year which can only mean one thing, the fish are more concentrated in a smaller area and easier to catch. Towards the end of September the trout started biting in shallower water (from shore) which Venus & Donis can attest to. They caught 2 limits (10 trout total) using worms and fishing from shore down by the dam.

Harold Kopp from Oroville fished 3 days in a row and limited out on trout everyday using rainbow Powerbait and fishing from the bank by the dam. Harold said what worked for him was to cast out as far as he could and just let it set. It appeared to him his line was probably in a deep hole where the water was cooler than the surface.

Right now our surface temp is still in the mid 70’s range during the hottest part of the day but the evenings are cooling way off which will help in bringing that temperature down quickly so we can start our Fall Planting again. Our hope was for mid October but the reality is closer to end of October. We’re hoping for once a week through Thanksgiving if the hatchery will agree to that, otherwise we may have to double up the plants and do every other week. We will keep you posted when that decision has been made.

I am excited to announce that our Fall Planting this year will consist of private plants with much bigger fish then we’ve done in the past fall plants. Half of the 1,000 lb. drops will be trophy sized fish while the other half are “catchables”

David Callison caught one of his biggest Cats ever, a 16 lb. 8 oz. monster Catfish on a worm while bass fishing near the dam. His friend Kevin Donovan hooked a 5 lb. 4 oz. Bass on a different day on a live crawdad.

Billie Owens of Oroville left with an ice chest full of Catfish, his biggest one weighed 11 lbs. and he caught most of them on Anchovies. He couldn’t have done it without his “expert netter” named Tom Bergen!!


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