September’s Catching Cats

September netted quite a few Catfish, the biggest caught by David Callison on Yuba City which weighed in at 11 pounds. His friend Kevin also caught an 8 pound Cat and they used worms for bait. They caught them in broad daylight under the power lines.

Little Katelynn Hernandez of Sac fished during the day in 30 feet of water using her secret catfish concoction she hooked a whopper of a Catfish (10 lbs. 12 oz.) and got it in all by herself. Her big sister Isabella caught a catfish as well and didn’t go home defeated either!!

Victor Thomas from Biggs landed a 10 lb. 12 oz. Cat too and he was shore fishing by the dam using Powerbait. Michael Orozco from Brentwood caught catfish every single day he camped here for four days straight. A couple of days he fished near the dam on worms and then moved to Elmer’s cove and did just as good.
Derek & Mason caught the same Catfish on the dock, one of them hooked it then it wrapped around the other one’s line and his hook caught it too. Together they brought in in and it weighed 3 lbs. and they were both using worms for bait.

Trout fishing picked up this week, with evenings down to 57 degrees the natural “fall shad hatch” has begun and all the fish can’t resist chasing after the shad for easy pickens!! Max & Dave Cheney caught trout on two separate days by the dam. The first time they trolled down to 40 ft using worms and five days later they drifted with Powerbait floating off the bottom and caught three more trout.

Devon & Dustin Osterberg used Powerbait and netted 2 trout and used worms and caught a 6 lb. 8 oz. Catfish as well.

Crappie fishing was exciting this past week and they were being tempted with lots of bait. Ibrahim & Yaqeen caught 6 Crappie on live minnows in Elmer’s Cove. Ricardo from Oroville fished near the bridge using worms and hooked two Crappie along with a 4-1/2 lb. Catfish. Michael Orozco (the catfish slayer) also caught two Crappie by the dam on worms from shore.

C.A.S.T. for KIDS provided a wonderful day for their kids which included breakfast burritos, then a volunteer with a boat for each KID to go out on and tackle & poles for each one. After their weigh in they mustered up a luncheon for all the KIDS, parents, and helpers and sent them on home with a hat & t-shirt and huge smiles!!

Nick Green from Biggs who attended the event caught a beautiful 2 lb. 4 oz. Bass on a spinner while trolling in the middle of the lake. I haven’t received the pictures yet from the other winners but when I do I’ll be sure and post them for everyone to see.


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