Do Fish Sleep?

On the way home from Walmart last night my youngest granddaughter asked me a funny question as she held a large plastic bag full of water with her goldfish in it that she had just purchased.  Do fish sleep Grandma?  She wanted to know this because her little fish looked dead and she was getting quite worried that it wouldn’t make it to our house.  I told her I think they get comotose but that they can’t sleep since they don’t have eyelids to close.  Boy was I wrong, fish do sleep but not at night only.  They sleep whenever they need to and they stay suspended in one spot until they “wake up”.  Sometimes when you see a lot of fish on your fishfinder in one spot and you can’t figure out why they aren’t taking the bait it’s probably because they are sleeping. 

I imagine that night fishing is so good here at Collins Lake because they are not sleepy at night but wide awake after sleeping most of the day.  Dave Zaski does quite well night fishing here and catches Trout, Bass, Catfish, & Crappie off the dock at night, either on Powerbait or nightcrawlers.  Dave hooked a huge 2 pound Crappie this week by the bridge this time.  Riley, Denn & Cameron of Lake Tahoe caught a 5 lb. Cat, 2 trout, some Crappie & Bluegill in Elmer’s Cove on chicken livers at night!

Ryan, Keith, Daniel, & Kyle had a great couple of days here while trolling Needlefish between the boat ramp and the dam. The first day they caught a limit of trout and the second day they caught four trout.  Scott & lil Scotty Ringler of  Vallejo fished off the dock with Powerbait and netted three beautiful Trout for supper!

Logan Golden hooked his Cat by the dam on a worm and Cody Burgess landed a 5 lb. 8 oz. Cat from Elmer’s Cove on chicken livers.  Connor Robbins of Yuba City fished by the dam using worms and hooked a Rainbow Trout.   Chris Fuller & his buddy were quoted saying “Jesus made us fishers of Men” while holding up their 2 lb. 4 oz. Rainbow which Chris caught on Powerbait on the east side…

Katie & Donovan brought in a 4 lb. 8 oz. Catfish which she caught using anchovies for bait down by the dam.  Makayla & Haley hooked a nice Catfish and a Redear Sunfish by their campsite in the Open Area on worms.  Dale of Rohnert Park caught 2 nice bows trolling with Kastmasters from his boat near the dam.  Ryan Fithian & Emma White brought Ryan’s trout up for a photo.  They said he was using Powerbait and fishing near the dam from shore. 

The biggest catch of the week was 2 limits of Bass (biggest weighed 4 lb. 8 oz.) and was caught by Dave & Kevin who are two seasoned Collins Lake fishermen!  They used live crawdads @ about 20′ down along the rocky walls going towards the bridge.

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