Catfish are getting hungry

Overall this week, Catfish & Trout were running “neck in neck” in the catches reported to us.  Trout are generally being caught at night off the dock, drifting with Powerbait, or trolling with nightcrawlers & Powerbait.  Although Catfish mostly bite at night, there were several catches during the day while the angler was fishing for trout or bass.

Tyler Proctor of Rio Linda used sardines to land a nice cat while brothers John & Jacob caught a monster 11 pound Cat nightfishing with hot dogs!  Bailey, Cameron, Riley & Devin fished off the dock with Powerbait and hooked a Cat and 6 trout.   Maddy & Cassy caught 7 trout up under the powerlines on worms with a little help from their friend Tyler.


Isek Stanley & his little fishing divas (Serena & Camryn) of Elk Grove caught a nice stringer of 8 trout by trolling with worms in the 5mph zone/  Ethan & Jeff also trolled in the same area and each limited out on Rainbows using worms for bait.  The HERRERA CLAN caught 4 gorgeous BASS (4 lbs. was the biggest) and a big Catfish in the brush on rubber worms.

Carol Sandoval defied the odds and caught her 2 lb. 4 oz. Rainbow from shore on Powerbait by the dam during the hottest part of the day. 

Matthew Carr used blue mango Powerbait off the dock and caught 2 Rainbows. Chastity Corrie caught her 1st Bluegill off the dock on worms while Carson Buddy nailed two rainbows off the dock on Powerbait. The dock was a good spot for Kaden Goodman of Eureka, he also caught trout using green Powerbait.  Chelsea Peebles hooked a nice 2 lb. 4 oz. Rainbow off the dock on Powerbait.   Brenden of Woodland tossed a spinner fishing off the dock and caught two nice Rainbows.

Congrats to Christopher Duffield on his 1st FISH, a beautiful Redear Sunfish!!  He caught it on a worm down by the dam and now he is “hooked”!!


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