Fish all night, sleep all day

 The biggest stringer of fish I’ve seen in a long time were all caught during a nightfishing excursion for Tom, Brady, & Hunter Wickum.  They had 15 trout, 7 Crappie, 2 Perch, 2 Bass & 2 Catfish!!! They used a variety of baits, ranging from worms, Powerbait & live minnows and fished between 8 pm and 2 am. from their boat.

Matthew Swadener & James Bondad from Walnut Creek found a great spot up towards the bridge and limited out on trout using Power Eggs and worms.  Thomas Fram caught a 2 pound Rainbow trolling with a Rapala lure.  Congrats to Taylor Garhan on catching her 1st Trout ever from Collins Lake drifting Powerbait in her boat.

Andrew Sasaki of Grass Valley gave his trout a big old “smooch” for his photograph!  He caught his trout off the marina using  Powerbait.  Ayden & Andy caught a nice 2 lb. 4 oz. trout by the bridge on orange & red Powerbait.  Dennis Cieri & Daryl Cook of Sacramento used Powerbait or worms by the dam and caught a gorgeous stringer of trout & a Crappie.

Dillon Sims & Dominick hauled in a limit of  Bass which they caught in less than 2 hours by the dam, the biggest was a 2 pounder.  Francisco Garibay of San Lorenzo scored big, he caught a 3 lb. 8 oz. Bass and a Catfish on plastic worms.  Carter Glaze never left his campsite, he tossed his line out in front of his campsite and landed a Rainbow trout.  Jacob, from Reno fished the same area (near the 200’s) and caught 2 trout on green Powerbait from shore.

Dominic Rodriguez & Guido from Foster City worked together to bring in their 6 lb. 4 oz. Catfish while fishing in the brush on the east side using worms.  Tommy Buyckerood of Petaluma used his leftover lunch (a hot dog) and caught his 6 lb. Catfish off the beach!  Sure Tommy…….

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