Our trout are Patriotic!!

Our patriotic trout don’t salute you but they do hit the bait with a BANG!  They have been very active this week with the cooler nights.  Fishermen are catching trout all day long, not just in the mornings or evenings which would be the summer norm!  Chad & Roger trolled in the middle of the lake and took a stringer of 10 trout!!  Last night they returned for Bass and Chad caught a 5 lb. 8 oz. Largemouth Bass and together him and Roger caught a lot of Bass using Buzzbaits on the surface off the east side.

Bob Clugston of Fair Oaks limited out on trout by the bridge on Powerbait.  Austin, Kody, & Tyler worked well together and each caught 3 Rainbows on white or orange Powerbait.  Lisa & Luis & Chili dog fished up at the bridge using worms and caught 2 cats and one weighed 8 lbs. 12 oz. and a huge Bluegill almost 2 pounds in size!!

Gloria & Sarah caught a limit of trout using Power Eggs by the bridge.  Joseph & Billy fished with worms by the bridge and caught their limit of trout along with a nice Crappie.

An 8 lb. 8 oz. Catfish was caught from the campground by Clint Wagnon of El Dorado and he was fishing with nightcrawlers at night.  Larry had a little help from his girls (Anna & Athena) and they hooked an 8 lb. Catfish by the bridge when they were presumably going for Trout with a worm.

The Zaski men & their friend Rick Martinez had an explosive night of fishing off the dock!! They caught a 5 pound Catfish, 4 huge Crappie, and a limit of Rainbows around midnight using Powerbait for the trout, Anchovies for the Cat, & live minnows for the Crappie!


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