Another great week of fishing and catching!!

Even though this last week warmed up, the trout limits were still predominant in the photos this week.  John, Joanie, & Calvin of Lincoln caught a stringer of 7 trout up near the bridge using green or rainbow Powerbait.  Linda Spiller caught her limit out of their boat on worms/or Powerbait with a hint of garlic corn to tempt them.  Peggy Frasier & Wayne Murrin used nothing but worms and caught Bluegill and 8 trout.

The Hanrihan & Dimeola familes slaughtered the trout this week.  Funny thing is when I asked them their secret and Pam said “well, we go out around noon in the big bay on the east side” and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! That happens to be the hottest part of the day, in the shallowest water on the lake-  which is not where you would ever think of catching the trout hanging out.  But everyday they would limit out using Powerbait while drift fishing while everyone else that had gone out at “the crack of dawn” were home taking a nap!! 

Little Walker & his Nana came back and slayed the trout (2 full limits) up by the bridge and they were trolling with Needlefish.  Hunter Romine of Roseville caught a whopping 2 pound trout up at the bridge on rainbow Powerbait.  The bridge was a hotspot this week and Ashton Laird of Vacaville found that out too!!  He fished up there a couple of days in a row from their boat and caught trout both days on orange Powerbait.  Brenden Kirtlen took a stringer of four trout home which he also caught by the bridge on P.B.

The bridge was the spot for Troy Henderson Sr. & Jr. also, they each limited out on trout using a worm/P.B. combo and six Bluegill they added to their stringer also.  The Fish Family returned for their family campout and Mica Jr. found that fishing from shore with Power Eggs dipped in something stinky did the trick.  He was fishing from the campground around 5 pm and as soon as the line hit the water he was catching fish on his concoction!  Maybe it helps having the last name Fish, I’m not sure!

The Williams Clan & their good luck charm “Nijal” caught trout everyday trolling under the power lines on Cripplures or trolling worms or drifting with Powerbait.  Linda Spiller limited out on trout up near the bridge on worms & garlic corn or Powerbait.  Gianna & The Gang caught 15 trout on nightcrawlers up towards the bridge yesterday!!

Jacob Bartlett used a live crawdad and caught a good size BASS on the east side.  Caleb Hanrihan also caught a 2-1/2 lb. BASS this week on a green plastic worm. Tai Reed caught a BASS on a worm by the boat dock and Hayden Goldston caught his BASS on the east side on a crawdad.

Someone asked me just this week, “are the Catfish biting yet” and I’m happy to say yes, the feedback was great!!

Darrell Farr caught his CAT by the dam on a worm & little Nicole Puerta got a 4 lb. 8 oz. CAT by the bridge on rainbow Powerbait.   Xaview & Tai fished from their campsite in Elmer’s Cove and caught a big CAT 5 lb. 4 oz. on a worm.  Colin caught his 4 lb. 4 oz. CAT in front of site #58 on Powerbait.  Darryl Jones of SAC hooked a 5 lb. CAT at the dam on a nightcrawler.  Joe & Dense Rice caught the biggest CAT this week, a 5 lb. 12 oz. along with a 2-1/4 lb. using chicken livers from the boat dock.

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