Summer has officially begun-Crappie are in school however

Probhat Palma caught a 3 lb. 2 oz. Crappie this week and stole the Lake Record Crappie title from his co-worker Mike Jagd.  Mike held the title for a whole 30 days, with his 3 lb. 1 oz. Crappie!!  This year we have seen the biggest Crappie and biggest Bluegill ever!!  Live minnows is the most popular bait for Crappie, but they will also bite on a worm or mini jig.  Bluegill are mainly caught on worms on a bobber and generally from a boat. 

Gerri Morrison of Clearlake limited out on trout and her husband ( Captain BOB) says they were using lead core line and they were “out 5 colors” and trolling down the middle of the lake.  Lisa McIntosh & her crew from Wheatland fished with Powerbaits/or worms near the bridge and took home a beautiful stringer of 12 trout.

Little Isabella & Sofia from San Lorenzo caught their 1st fish, a baby bluegill from shore on mealworms.  Bailey Dimeola helped her Daddy (Rick) catch some trout and their big one was 2-1/2 lbs. and they used Powerbait in a cove from their boat.  Naveed Rahmar and his family caught 10 BASS on live crawdads in an hour and a half!!

Bernardo, Victor, & Scott from San Lorenzo also got into some Bass, on the east side from a boat they too caught a stringer of 8 Bass on live crawdads.  Katie, Brittney, & Rick of Yuba City took home 7  Rainbows, all were  caught on Powerbait under the powerlines or by the dam.  John, Dale, & Richard couldn’t stay away for long!  They came back and caught another beautiful limit of trout using Powerbait up towards the bridge.

Faith Burgess of San Carlos used her wedding ring as a spinner and trailed a nightcrawler and caught a couple of nice bows!! JK-it was a lure called (Wedding Ring Spinner)!  Amanda Cummins of Cotati showed off her gorgeous trout she caught on a nightcrawler in Elmer’s Cove.

Hayden Holbrook of Petaluma caught a 2 lb. 4 oz. Trout by the bridge on Powerbait. The biggest trout this week was almost 3 pounds and it was caught by Shelby & Angelina from shore in Elmer’s cove on Powerbait.  “Kudos” to Skiler from Napa, she caught 2 trout up by the bridge on worms.




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