Happy Memorial Day

As of last week our Trout Stocking Program officially ended with the warmer lake temperature.  At the beginning of the week there were still many reports of shore fisherman limiting out on trout using worms or Powerbait.  Most of the trout are caught early in the morning when the lake temperature is cooler.  Boat fishermen are trolling between 15′ down and 25′ down with Rapalas or flashers & nightcrawlers.  Boat fishermen also had lots of limits of trout.  Many trout fishermen were surprised when trolling for Trout they picked up a Crappie, Bluegill, or Bass instead.

Les & Bev Nason & their dear friend Pat Rebello limited out on trout using a worm & Powerbait combo which they trailed behind a small flasher.  Don Feryance and his family also had no problem limiting out on trout using a green and silver flasher, trailing a nightcrawler.  Jim Kirby of Yuba City used Powerbait or PowerEggs from shore and caught his five Rainbows in the Open Area.

Twin brothers Jude & Jonah caught their 1st Bass from shore on a rubber worm near their campsite. Brother Nathan and sister Hannah  caught their trout by the dam trolling a Needlefish.  Trolling a worm by itself worked well for Brandon who brought up a limit of trout for his photo. Walker was his Nana’s “good luck charm” and they worked well together, bringing in a total of 8 trout!!

Fireman Dave Zaski & his son Mark did great on the fishing on their camping trip last week.  Dave got a stringer of Crappie using worms on a bobber and Mark got an 8 lb. Catfish.  A guy name Chris caught 24 Crappie and three  Bass on an Alabama fish frog on the other side of the dam.  The Vue families hooked 6 nice Rainbows at the dam using worms.

Mason Severson caught his 1st Crappie last week and he was fishing off the dock using mini jigs.  Doug Clark & Jimmy Trejo teamed up  and netted 10 Rainbows and they said they were trolling along the east side across the lake from the boat launch.  Anthony, Jessica, & Ryan caught 9 trout from the bank on Powerbait their 1st day out, and 6 more trout the next day. 

Bill & Kathy Corrie fished with the Johnson’s (Ray & Margaret) and caught a limit of trout trolling chartreuse Powerbait (all over the lake) they said. Scott & Jason fished from shore and caught 10 Rainbows using lots of different colors of Powerbait.

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