Lake Record Crappie 3 lb. 1 oz. hooked by Mike Jagd

Just yesterday we received a double fish plant with 1/2 trophy size and 1/2 catchables (1-1/2 to 2-1/2lb. size) as well as last Friday, totalling 4,000 lbs. of fish put in within the past week.  Ray Johnson & Diane Milling (longtime Collins Lake camp buddies) went on their 1st boat date yesterday and both caught their limits of trout down by the dam on a green/yellow grub.  Ken Tarr and his son Chase & his friend all limited out from shore up by the bridge in just two hours and they were using green Powerbait.

Gerri & Bob Morrison had a great day fishing yesterday and Gerri caught a 3 lb. 8 oz. Rainbow off chartreuse Powerbait near the bridge from their boat.  Barney Larue caught a huge Rainbow weighing 4 lb. 4 oz.  while trolling a Rapala on the eastside, along with 3 other trout as well.

Mik Jagd & his son Tyler had a blast fishing from their boat with live minnows and drop shotting up towards the bridge.  It was a race between father and son to catch the biggest Crappie in the boat that day and it ended up with the best result ever with father (Mike) capturing the Biggest Crappie of Collins Lake so far!!!! It was a whopping 3 lb. 1 oz. He was drop shotting with a live minnow on the hook and was not quite all the way to the bridge but close, along the rocky embankment when he hooked his prize Crappie. Mike’s prize is “recognition” and he’s totally satisfied with that!! His son Tyler caught a great Bass that day using the same set up but is not giving up yet on breaking his Dad’s Crappie Record and claiming the title for himself!!

The Thomsen Family campout this week brought about loads of fun & fish and lastly Abby’s 1st Fish!! Abby’s grandpa Rich Thomsen caught and released loads of Bass on spinner bait and his son caught a nice Catfish.  See featured pictures from Abby’s camera of her wonderful family (Grandpa, Nana, Mommy & Daddy) enjoying their time on the lake.

Jeramy Chapdelaine said his fundraising event here last weekend was a success and everyone caught fish.  Encinal School sponsored the event to raise money for their kids’ events.  Roland Harrison took 1st place, Carlos Martinez 2nd, & Cole Phillips 3rd place, and also pictured is baby girl Jaryn! 

Margaret Johnson of Newcastle FINALLY caught Bass after four years of trying, she was so excited.  I asked her how she did it and she told me she just kept asking other campers what they were using and they took pity on her and gave her some blue grubs and she caught both bass in just 6 casts.  One was 3 lb. and the other weighed 1-3/4 lb.

Bob Corbett limited out on trout (5 total) using Powerbait from shore near the dam.  Chris Hazen & two of his High School buds (Duane & John) caught 3 limits of trout by the dam also on Powerbait.  Trollers Nick Garcia & Shawn Shepherd caught 8 trout on Rapalas and their biggest was a 3 pounder.  Congrats to little Aliesha Sullivan in hooking her 1st fish ever, a Rainbow Trout by her campsite in the main campground.

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