All the net pens have been released

The last of our net pens have been released this week plus yesterday we received a plant from Fish & Game and a double private plant.  As far as our private planting goes, we will continue to put private plants in weekly until the water gets too warm and it proves to be unsafe for the survival of the fish. We may be able to plant through the end of May but we’ll see how it goes.

This week marked a big change for the Bass fishermen, the surface temperature is nearing 70 degrees and the bass are up in the 10 ft. to 20 ft. range and are biting really good on spinner baits.  Rich Thomsen from Nevada and his wife Katie have been catching and releasing Bass all week long using Spinnerbaits.  Roger Busse from Minden, Nv. caught one of the biggest Redear sunfish I’ve ever seen-it weighed 2-1/4 lbs. and he caught in on a worm from a boat on the east side.

The BITCON FAMILY from Citrus Heights tore up the lake this week with their trout catching expertise!! The older Bitcon (Harold grandpa) taught them well, they all limited out using Powerbait from shore near their campsite.  Rick Gudgel and Gina Dastrup were back again this week and did good too. They drifted across the lake and picked up six gorgeous Rainbow trout using chartreuse Powerbait.

A local guide from Yuba City (Nick Garcia) brought in a father & daughter team and every one of them left with a limit of trout!! They either trolled with worms (without flashers) or trolled with firetiger Rapalas.  Shawn Shepherd and Zoey BEAR are pictured with Nick-great job!!

Daniel & Kevin drove up from SAC and hooked 12 trout on chartreuse Powerbait in Elmer’s Cove! Mitch Monroe caught a big Redear Sunfish as well as Freeman from SAC, both were on a worm.  Curt & Courtney trolled with nightcrawlers and netted 6 nice Rainbows.  Grandpa John Rose and his son James and little grandson Buddy caught a stringer of trout together while bonding on their “man trip”!!

Brothers Phineas & Dominic from Loomis each caught a Bass this week, one on a worm and the other on a Mr. Twister.  Gus Grimmett won a $50 prize during the Fish Sniffer derby last weekend on his 2 lb. 8 oz. Rainbow Trout.  Gus used a Rapala and caught his prize fish on the east side, from a boat.

Mark Fredrickson brought up the first limit of Bass I’ve seen this year.  Mark like to fish with crawdads and said he was in 15 ft. down and his biggest was almost 3 pounds.

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