Trout fishing is still at it’s PEAK

Our lake is warming up so pretty soon the trout will begin to go deeper but for now shore fishing is still fantastic.  Most people are using Powerbait floating off the bottom or a worm floating off the bottom from shore.  Trollers are shallow in the morning and go down further as the surface temperature heats up during the day (between 10 to 20 ft.)

The CIFF Derby last weekend was a HUGE success: The adult winner was Jerry Sprague with 5.4 lbs. He also won Big Fish with his 4.2 lb. Rainbow.  The Junior winner was Sandrey Palma with 3.9 lbs. and she won the Blind Bogey as well.

This Saturday is the Fish Sniffer/Collins Lake Derby and we are looking forward to another highly successful day of catching!! This week we released 3 more net pens and next week we will release the last 2 net pens and also expect a private double plant too. 

The Alvis guys from Antelope caught 3 limits of Rainbows this week trolling with worms and flashers. Richard Gomer, Tom Brown & Mike  Vasquez limited out twice this week also trolling dodgers and worms.  Carl & Don Purdy caught 10 purtty trout from shore on Powerbait by the dam.

Congrats to young Makenna Stewart who hooked her very 1st fish ever, it was a beautiful Rainbow. Nick Steinbrecher of Los Molinos also caught his 1st fish ever, trolling a Rapala near the dam.  His brother Josh caught his trout on a Rapala too!!   Debi & Devin limited out in front of their campsite near the beach on chartreuse Powerbait.  Ethan Linkl of Lincoln also limited out off the beach using with pink or yellow Powerbait.  Billy Bob & Dennis from Grass Valley caught 2 limits of trout and trolled with firetiger Rapalas just off the 5mph zone off the beach.

There will be one more derby open to the public on May 12th sponsored by Encinal School and they are raising money for their kids’ activities.  You may contact Jeramy Chapdelaine at 530-403-9761 or  Derby will start at 6 am and end at noon, it’s $30 for adults and $15 for 6 to 15 yr. olds. 

Jim Cooper & Randy Watkins found their trout around 20 ft. down on the east side of the lake trolling worms. Doug Wittler & his daughter Rachel were surprised to catch a 4 lb. 8 oz. Catfish on green Powerbait.  Doug also caught a great limit of trout, all over two pounds, by his campsite on Powerbait.

Chris Hazen and the Hazen Hoodlums (Duane, Neil, Bill, Danny, Joe, Dave, Ron, Larry, Steve, & Tim) returned this week to catch another stringer of  Trout off the  beach on Powerbait.  Their biggest two were close to three pounds!!  Martin Palacio of Meadow Vista & Ken Rush from Wiemar fished the beach with orange Powerbait & hooked six Rainbows.


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