Fish Galore!!

This week we received a double trout trophy plant plus we released two net pens of trout which equal four total plants.  Trollers are still within the first five feet and shore fishermen are stll limiting out with floating bait.  Eddie Jimenez and his little girl Maddi limited out using Super Duper lures trolling along the beach.  Bob & Mark of SAC each limited out on trout while trolling worms and flashers.  Dave Bartlett & Shane Whicker trolled the main body of the lake using Rapalas and caught 10 trout.

10 yr. old Jonah Brooks of Woodland caught two nice trout on yellow Powerbait. Bella, Rocky, and Angelica got their 3 limits off the beach on Powerbait.  Little Baylee & her Grandpa used multi colored Powerbaits and got a nice stringer of trout by the dam.  One of the biggest trout this week was caught by the bridge on green Powerbait, it weighed a hefty 3-1/2 lbs. and was hooked by Shannan Sullivan. 

Doogie was fly fishing and hooked a 2 pound trout by the dam.  Joe & Kathy Russo also caught two limits of gorgeous trout by the dam on Powerbait and the same for Jim & Kathy Walden.  Jim Alden of Antioch caught his 1st Collins Lake trout limit ever from shore by the dam on Powerbait on Wed. this week.

Billy Bob came down from Grass Valley and took advantage of the beautiful weather and hooked two trout on a Rapala while trolling the east shore.  Jimmy Trejo trolled with Jesse & Wesley using their infamous Mooselock Wobblers and netted 14 trout just yesterday.  Yesterday was a good day for Rachel, Kaylee, Chelsea, & Rebekah too!! These young ladies fished with Powerbait off the beach and took home a nice stringer of 7 trout.

Saturday April 21st is the CIFF Derby here at Collins Lake and sign-ups will be at the launch ramp between 5 am and 9 am and weigh in is by 1 pm.

Saturday April 28th is the Fish Sniffer Derby here at Collins Lake and if you care to join in please call our office for an application and information @ 1-800-286-0576

May 12th is the last trout derby open to the public and is sponsored by Encinal School and sign ups will be between 5:30 am and 9 am.  Call 530-403-9761  or contact Jeramy @ for more info or to sign up.

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