Kids are doing most the catching!!

Our park has been full of families on spring break with their kids and up until yesterday we were enjoying some glorious weather up to the 70’s.    Last week we had a double private plant, a double F & G plant and released the 1st net pen of the season.  This week 4 more net pens are scheduled to be released and it looks like Sat. & Sun. will be sunny and warm again. 

Cris, Brayden, & Brooklyn (Rich & Dolly’s grandkids) sent us some great photos taken by the lake and they all caught trout and had a wonderful time.  Austin, Taylor, & Morgan Crofoot never left their campsite and caught 4 trout on Powerbait.  A really nice group of teenagers caught lots of trout thanks to Earl (their CAPTAIN)!!  Tyler caught the MOST FISH, Mallory caught the BIGGEST FISH, Garet was the NETTER and Katie was the GOOD LUCK CHARM!!  Together they were unstoppable in their trek for Trout, they said they trolled mostly with a #2 Mepps gold/red lure. 

The color of the lake is settling down quite a bit up by the bridge and it helped the trout fishing alot.  William, Dave, & Austin used worms by the bridge and caught two nice Rainbows.  Most of the trout caught from shore were off the beach this past week, due to the heavy planting programs.  Most of the boaters were trolling with Rapalas or Kastmasters just below the surface.  Marsha caught 2 Rainbows and the big one weighed 3 pounds using orange Powerbait.  Emma Milligan used live crickets and limited out by the dam. Blake Thomas of Wilton also limitied out by the dam using worms.

Little Haley caught her 1st fish ever and so did Jack Lowrey of Woodland, both on Powerbait.  Lexi Schroder of Roseville also caught her 1st fish ever, a Rainbow trout on a worm off the beach.  Jim Kirby of Yuba City limited out off the beach on Powerbait.  Emma Hansard caught four trout and her biggest was 2-3/4lbs.  Gus Grimmet of Citrus Heights returned with his Daddy and they took a great stringer of trout home, Gus caught most of them Dad said.

Devon & her Dad James Powers of SAC hooked 7 Rainbows, their biggest was 2-3/4lbs. while they trolled Rapalas (all over the lake) they said.  Chris Hazen, Dan & Duane, & Jeff & Mike Harris worked together to capture 5 limits of Rainbows fishing from the beach using Powerbait.  They are really talented when you get them together!!!

Nana Russo and her grandkids (Riley & Jaxon) caught 8 trout on Powerbait by the beach.  Maisey, Jaryn, & Lindsey of Placerville worked together trolling with worms to catch a limit of trout.  Kelly & John Stafford used Power Eggs and hooked 7 nice Rainbows off the beach.

Frank of Gridley brought his son turkey hunting in the Donovan Hill area right by our lake and they got a tom turkey, then they went fishing and Dylan & Zane caught a trout.



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