F & G planted 2,000 lbs. on 3/13

The past two weeks netted tons of Trout due to perfect weather conditions and twice the amount of fish plants in February than in past years.  Just this week we received 2,000 lbs. of fish from Fish & Game and the next private plant will be next week.  The lake is filling rapidly since the last 24 hours we’ve received over 4 inches of rain.  As of today, we are up to 6 feet to go to fill.  The forecast calls for a cooler storm on Friday which may bring the snow level down to 1,000 feet. That could change but it might be good to call first.  For the rest of the week it looks like rain off and on so you may have to catch a dry spell to run up and throw a line in (or bring raingear).

Coleen Gibson of Marysville topped the biggest trout since our last report.  She caught a 6 lb. 4 oz. Rainbow from the shore by the dam on green Powerbait.  Jack Heffley & Garry Nickell trolled by the dam on Cripplures and used pink Powerbait and caught two limits, the biggest was a 3 lb. 12 oz. trout.  Trolling Needlefish worked well for Carlos, Mike, & Jeff too, their biggest weighed 2 lbs. 8 oz.

Raylene & Jim of Marysville came on two seperate days and one day they took home 8 trout and the next time they limited out with 5 each and they were trolling with flashers and worms or a Cordell lure.  Craig Sani & Jeff  Booth couldn’t have been happier with a limit apiece and the biggest was 4 lbs.  They fished near the dam from shore using Powerbait or Power Eggs.  A Grandpa and his gang kicked some booty and took home a huge stringer of trout using Powerbait.  He had lots of help from Emily, Madison, Miles, Ryan & Chris!!  It was Emily’s birthday and she caught her first fish ever!!!

Little Winston Huber & Taylor Webster of Natomas each brought up a trout weighing 2-1/2 lbs. and they lucked out using Powerbait off the sand beach.  Clark Green of Yuba City limited out on trout by the dam using Powerbait.  Paul Meadow Jr. (dad) and Paul Meadows III (son) had a wonderful day together and took home 7 Rainbows for dinner!

LAKE CONDITIONS: Super muddy up by the bridge (best for catfishing) semi muddy past Goose  Island (only in the channel) which does not affect shore fishermen by the beach or the dam.  Trollers will also do well if you stay out of the channel where the influx is still coming in.  As of noon today we only have 6 more feet to go and we are brim full, hallelujah!!!

Little Jesco & Tera  Nicola limited out on trout off the swimming beach last week, using Powerbait only.  Aaron Simmons caught a 2 lb. trout by the dam tossing yellow Powerbait.  Trolling with Rapalas or dodger and a worm worked wonders for a father & son team from North San Juan (Robert & Chris).  They hooked 10 trout total and said they trolled all over the lake and fairly shallow too.  Before the bridge “muddied up” Mike Ramon hooked 4 trout on Powerbait from the shore and his trophy one weighed 3 lbs. 8 oz.

It’s sure nice to see these trophy trout plentiful in the lake again!! Carmen Griffis netted a limit and his biggest one (a 3-1/2 lb. Rainbow) was caught off the beach on Powerbait.  Kurt Fritzberg of Yuba City was mighty proud of his 2-1/2 pounder also on Powerbait.

Little Christopher Portillo “manned up” with a fantastic limit of Rainbows he caught down by the dam on yellow Powerbait.  Carl & Kelly Mitchell caught six trout by the dam on Powerbait and Phillip Danenberg of Grass Valley limited out by the dam on Powerbait.  Zach picked up 4 trout near the store off his campsite using Powerbait. 

Tim Tolbert & Logan Bailey of Placerville caught 9 trout and while going for the last one to complete their limits Logan hooked a Bass which weighed 3-3/4 lbs.  They were trolling 10 feet down with Rapalas. Great Job guys!!





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