Trophy Trout planted 2-28-12

Just yesterday our lake was stocked with 1,800 pounds of Rainbows and half the load are considered trophy trout and the other half are called catchables!  This week the temperatures have cooled down a bit and rain is likely through tonight and tomorrow but starting Friday the sun will be back for the entire weekend with highs around 60 degrees.  Sounds like perfect timing for you guys to come and catch some trophy trout and you don’t need a boat to do so.  The bank fishermen do equally as well from the sandy beach and the Open Area down by the dam using Powerbait, or Power Eggs, or worms.

Tony Floriolli and his son Jake each limited out on trout after our 1st private plant of the year which was President’s weekend on Feb. 18th.  They were trolling with Rapalas near the surface on the east side of the lake.  The Lewis family used many colors of Powerbait from the beach and caught a limit, their biggest trout was 2 pounds.

Chris Edmundson & Shane Nelson “cleaned up” while trolling with dodgers and worms.  They caught 10 trout, a huge Crappie, and to top that off a 10 lb. Catfish as well.  Not bad for a day’s work!!!

The Raffety family brought up some “1st timers” to Collins Lake and collectively they caught 10 Trout using only Powerbait off the beach. Little Sophie caught her 1st fish ever and Ken Raffety and his son’s Jackson & Sam showed them “how it’s done”.  I think they are “hooked” on Collins Lake and our famous ice creams too!!

Carol caught her 1st fish ever this last weekend too while fishing off the beach using Powerbait.  Bobbie Greehling almost limited out on trout (4 total) and she was trolling with Needlefish on the east side of the lake. Lily & Sam showed off their two  pretty Rainbow trout which they caught off the beach on chartreuse Powerbait.  Kasey & Coal netted 5 trout while fishing near the dam in a boat, they were trolling with flashers and worms.

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