Double the fun

The fishing report is back on line with lots of news to report!  Last week brought a double load of trophy trout along with a F & G plant as well.  Fishermen are getting excellent results from shore as well as trolling.  The pictures will show the tremendous bounties of fish but there are still plenty left to be caught.  It looks like the next 10 days will continue to bring us highs up to 70 degrees and the lake is not muddy so the ideal conditions are here and ready to make your planning easy!!!  This week we are not expecting a plant as our trophy plants are planned for every other week.

Cody Johnson topped the catches this week with his 7 lb. 8 oz. Rainbow which he caught  on the east side tossing a crankbait and expecting to catch a bass.  Jimmy Trejo Sr. & Jr. brought the Duke fishing with them and caught 2 limits of trout before the plants even got here.  I just spoke to Jimmy & Doug Clark today and they said they caught 15 and released 9 last Sat. and their biggest was around two pounds.  They troll with lures or flashers and worms around 10 to 15′ down and usually down by the dam.  The Gervais & Staiti families caught 3 limits fishing from shore by the Water’s Edge using power eggs.  The Phillips and O’Sullivan familes took a huge stringer of 25 Rainbows from shore, also using Power Eggs & worms.

Tyler caught his 1st Fish here at Collins Lake using Powerbait by her campsite.  Great JOB TYLER, also Brooke & Alyson who took the picture with him.   Jim Livengood of Lincoln lived up to his name with his perfect limit of trout he caught trolling by the dam and his biggest weighed almost 4 pounds, using broken back Rapalas.

Kurt Fritzberg & Randy Heckley found the perfect spot on the beach and floating their Powerbait off the bottom they each limited out on Trout .  Tyler & Austin used pink Powerbait by the dam and each took a limit as well.  Alex, Tyler, & Devin caught 5 trout one day and 9 more trout the next day in their secret spot in the Open Area on Powerbait. 

Thor & Kambria and baby Thor trolled with firetiger Rapalas or worms and hooked 7 nice Rainbows last Friday. On Sunday Thor returned with his friend Eric and their two little girls (Genesis & Emily) and caught another 18 trout trolling with worms and flashers.  Alyssa Clark almost limited out with 4 nice Rainbows but little brother Zack completed her limited with the 5th trout, that’s teamwork!!

It’s sure nice to see so many kids spending their 3 day weekend fishing at our lake.  Camry Smith caught a trout on pink Powerbait & Vinnie Riolo used orange Powerbait to hook a nice one.   Winston Huber used rainbow colored P.Bait and took a stringer of four trout home.  Dylan Terry & Zane Young caught their trout on a Kastmaster from shore.  Cody Tabler caught his 1st Collins Lake trout on P.Bait by the dam and it was a 2 pounder!!

Even the LADIES got in the limelight, Raylene & Tracie hooked 4 Rainbows trolling with Rebels.  Raylene came back with Jim & Dave and caught 4 more the next day.  Brittany Slaney caught her 1st fish by her campsite using Powerbait and mastered “touching it” which she was sure she would never do! Proud of you Brittany  for overcoming your fear of slimy fish!!  Connie Stobbe landed four trout while trolling a Kastmaster and Yolanda Edwards fished near the dam from shore and caught her trout on garlic flavored Powerbait.

Lauren Sshmitt of Sacramento limited out on corn Powerbait by the dam.  Ken Tarr & his son Chase brought up a couple of Devins and they all limited out from the bank by the beach on chartreuse Powerbait.  John English also limits out on trout on Powerbait off the beach.  Trollers Jim Humphrey & Josh Buchanan had a great day trolling worms and a dodger across the face of the dam and along the east side and each hooked a limit of Rainbows. 

These warmer than usual days have brought up some nice Bass catches.  Steve Washington & Deante caught a 2 lb. 8 oz. Bass in a cove straight across the lake from the marina.  Dave Callison had great luck bass fishing on the 9th of Feb. on a sunny day, his biggest weighed in at 3 lb. 12 oz. and he used worms for bait. David Compton caught a huge Crappie along with three rainbows with live minnows by the beach.

Check out the new store addition, it’s pretty much done on the outside except for the new deck which will be added to the rear of the store.  It includes a restroom so you won’t have to walk up and down “cardiac hill” to get to the restroom anymore.  The deck will be accessible from the walkway and will be 3 times bigger than the old deck.  The whole crew is now working on the inside of the building as our winter project and you’ll just have to come see for yourself to check out all the changes!!

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