Best December fishing EVER!!

I have never seen so many “LIMITS OF FISH” caught in the month of December in all my years here.  The anglers have really been blessed with plentiful fish, even though they are smaller than the ones we plant in the spring.  Everyone, of all ages, are catching fish this week and I expect it to continue through the whole month.  As families gather together for the Christmas holidays I hope they take advantage of not only the great fishing, but gorgeous December weather we have been experiencing and come out and FISH together.

Young John Ross and his grandpa Ron Peters fished two days in a row catching their limits of trout each day with a worm on a bobber from shore down by the dam.  Chad Simpson & his Dad caught 7 trout from shore in the same area with a worm on a bobber on one pole and floating Powerbait on the other pole.  Kailey, Jack, & Maylen Sanner all limited out with the same technique. 

This one particular group just “slammed the trout” taking a stringer of 23 fish out which they caught on pink Powerbait.  It was Riley & Jed Upton and Maddy & Matt George from Lincoln and their stringer was topped out with a couple of whoppers (the biggest tourt was a   4 lb. 4 oz.  and the second biggest weighed in at  3 lb. 4 oz.

Daniel Esprio caught a 1-1/4 lb. Rainbow and an impressive 1-1/4 lb. Bluegill using worms on a bobber.  Drake Clark of Richvale was trolling near the dam with Wedding Ring spinners and stayed on it until he caught his limit of five trout.   The Parson family and the Simpson’s all limited out using either worms or Powerbait at the beach. 

Lil’ Eddie Varner and his Dad (Big Ed) took it to the limit as well, the fished with white powerbait and worms by the dock.  Tony Frost also limited out using spinners and or Powerbait from shore by the dam.  There were lots more limits reported this week from people who came out after the store closed or told us on their way out. 

Some people say the fishing “turned off by 11 am” and others said they started biting around that same time.  It kind of makes sense since the ones that are catching them in the morning are at the dam and the ones that are catching them in the afternoon are at the beach and the fish don’t stay in the same spot for very long.


We’ve been getting some interesting comments on our store addition- Is it a restaurant? Is it a ballroom?   It’s an addition to our existing store which we’ve needed badly for awhile now.  I have included some great photos taken during the project.  Kevin had a phone call and was able to stick his head from the new part into the existing building to get his call.  Mike was holding a nail gun when I asked him to strike a pose ( I actually made a Christmas Card out of it for his wife)!!  Today they poured the sidewalk in front and around the side, leading down to where the new deck will be.  The addition will have a public restroom so you no longer have to walk up and down “cardiac hill” to get to a restroom.  It will be exciting to see the finished project next spring!!

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