Got 4,000 lbs. of TROUT today WED. 12/7

Luis Osegera of Sac. hooked the biggest trout catch this week by the main marina on a Kastmaster.  His huge trout weighed in at 7 lbs.  The next biggest trout was picked up by Mike Stein of Orangevale from the shore on the beach on Powerbait and it tipped the scales at 6 lb. 12 oz.  Although most of the trout catches are quite a bit smaller than these, the bite is good and the little ones taste a lot better!

Young Michael Leonard from Antioch caught the biggest fish of the week, a 7 lb. 8 oz. Catfish on white Powerbait by the dam.  Jeremiah Lybolt & Paul Hodgden had a fantastic day of fishing together, they left with a stringer of Trout and they followed my advice and used worms on a bobber (2 feet down). 

HATS OFF!!! To Jacob Desautels of Sacramento who caught his very 1st fish here at our lake.  It was a beautiful Redear Bluegill and he even learned to clean it himself.  Jacob you are a sportsman through and through just like your Grandpa Dan, now if you can learn to cook prime rib like him, you’re the man!!!

Madison, Damian , Jacob, and the rest of the kids caught a huge stringer of trout the “good old fashioned way” with Powerbait floating off the sand beach.  Kenneth, Lee, & Lonnie used worms by the dam and also took a nice stringer of trout home. 

ANOTHER HATS OFF!!! to Anthony Cabellero of Roseville on his first trout catch at Collins Lake using worm on a bobber by the dam.  Taylor Frank of Roseville never left the campsite and picked up a trout floating worms.  Our only trolling catch reported this week was by David Potter who trolled 10′ down with a Dick Nite lure and caught his trout.

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