Net Pens are full of Trout

Thanks to a group effort from Kokanee Power, CIFF (Calif. Inland Fisheries Foundation), Dept. of Fish & Game and Collins Lake our net pens are full of trout.  This happened on Tues. 11/22 and our employees and their families and our camper kids created a “bucket brigade” travelling from the F & G truck to the net pens on the dock.  From young to old they were all making their contribuition with smiles and laughter and most left a little wet but one little girl in particular got drenched and she kept on truckin!!

Our program to “raise fish” is entirely seperate from the fish planting of trophy trout that we already do each spring.  The loads that arrive starting Mid February with the trophy trout also have what we call catchables too.  The lake record Trophy Trout catch is still held by Rich Moore of Mountain View. He caught a 14 lb. 3 oz. Rainbow Trout on 5/23/09 and it still holds the title for the biggest trout caught in Collins Lake.  Starting this year we have started receiving plants from F & G of our triploid fish (neutered trout) that is.  This is a new requirement for our lake anyway, that all the trout received will only be triploid fish.  It took F & G awhile to get their stock of triploids built up in order to accomodate us and other lakes that fall under that requirement.  All the fish we receive for this fall and winter are from F & G and not the trophy size fish we get in the spring.

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