Thankful for so much

Yes we are so thankful for our customers and fishermen and being able to provide such wonderful facilities to all of you.  Next week F & G will be delivering enough trout to fill up 12 net pens for our winter project for a few years now of raising fish that will be released in the spring of 2012.  F & G was not able to plant our lake this week but is sending their big rig up next week with a minimum 4,000 lbs. of Trout and maybe 5,000 lbs.  That is a tremendous amount of fish in one plant so our Thanksgiving campers won’t have any problem catching fish!!  As soon as that truck gets here I will post in on the fishing report so everyone can participate in this major plant.

Tyler Jagd and his friend Blake had a perfect fishing day starting with each of them catching a Trout!  They fished in Elmer’s Cove in what they called their “secret spot”.  They were too excited to wait for a picture, they said they were going to get some more and they would be back.  When they returned they were carrying a 5 lb. Catfish and couldn’t wait to share their story.  They threw their lines out with a worm on it and Tyler spotted Blake’s pole bent over and when Blake tried reeling in his Catfish he slipped in the mud and went down (not letting go of the pole however)!!  Tyler grabbed Blake with one hand (before he went in the lake) and the pole with the other hand but couldn’t manuever either very well so he let go of Blake and reeled in the big Catfish.  It is so wonderful to see kids in the outdoors instead of in front of a TV!!  That day will always be special to both of them.

Little Leanna Parrish caught a limit of Trout off the rental dock, and she clarified she caught them “all by herself” too.   Her Daddy would bait the hook with a worm and throw it out for her but she did the rest.  David DeGarmo & his little sister Dana brought up a Trout that David caught off the beach on a worm.

Jim Moorehead caught a granddaddy Catfish (13 lb. 3-3/4 oz.) and released it back into the lake after his photo shoot.  Jim was also using worms for bait.  I think he just didn’t want to clean it!!!

Construction is under way on our new addition to our store.  Next year you will see a bigger, better, and more organized store with lots of room for checking in or getting an ice cream or shopping for fun stuff!  The new deck will be four times bigger with hookups for laptops, tables for socializing with a great view of the lake.  I will continue to put up pictures of the project so you can follow our progress.

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