Catfish in the spotlight this week

F & G is bringing our 2nd Fall Plant next week

Although Trout fishing was good this week, the main event was Catfish.  Doug Clark & Jimmy Trejo are retired and spend a fair amount of time fishing at Collins Lake together.  Doug showed up a few days earlier than his sidekick and decided to take advantage of the warm day to clean the carpet in his boat while parked at the dock.  Of course he threw his line out while performing his boring task and not too soon after he realized he got a hit and jumped up and reeled in an 8 lb. Catfish.  After stringing that whiskerfish up he tossed his line back out and within the hour he got another hit and reeled in a 9 lb. Catfish.  Doug couldn’t believe his luck and had to share his incredible story with someone so he brought his fish up and had his photo taken and told me all about it.  I was just getting ready to take off when he tapped on the store window and motioned me outside and he was holding his biggest Cat yet, a 10 lb. 8 oz. monster!! We laughed and laughed about his amazing luck and he couldn’t wait for Jimmy to arrive so he could rub it in.

The  Catfish Saga continues………..

Jimmy Trejo (Doug’s brother-in-law) arrives and thinks we pulled a fast one on him but quickly realizes it’s real and not a joke.  That day they went out and fished from the dock, same as Doug did earlier and they pulled out 4 more Catfish.  Jimmy’s two biggest weighed in at 12 lbs. 4 oz. & 8 lbs. 8 oz.  and he left with a big smile knowing he outdid Doug.  I know you are all wondering what the heck they were using and so was I, but they weren’t going to disclose that information.  Doug just said it was his homemade concoction and it stinks to high heaven!  I told him he needed to get it on the market quickly since it works that good!

Matt Javete of Roseville caught a 5 lb. 8 oz. Catfish trolling a worm & a dodger while fishing with Josh Buchanan.  They also limited out on trout and their two biggest weighed over 2 pounds.  Little Jesco Nicola of Forbestown and his parents were fishing with Powerbait on the sand beach without much luck.  Since they could see the fish “jumping” they decided to try worms on a bobber and within the hour they had their limit of Trout. 

Bob Twitchell netted an 8 lb. 4 oz. Catfish caught by Gary Coffman while they fished off the dock after hearing about Doug & Jimmy’s Catfish frenzy!  They also used stinkbait to lure in their fish.  Aaron & Alan of Roseville took home a limit of trout which they caught down by the dam on Powerbait.


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