2,000 lbs. of Trout planted so far

Last Thursday Fish & Game planted 2,000 lbs. of triploid trout which was the first plant this fall with more to follow.  They have their own website where they upload where they are planting for the current and following week so please check their website for that information instead of calling here.  Please don’t ask us which day they are planting because we do not have that information ahead of time.

Lots of our customers caught trout over the weekend and you could see them jumping from the shoreline throughout the entire weekend. Powerbait or worms seem to work the best for the trout although some were caught after they went in on lures.  They are little buggers but good eating!  I did speak with a F & G agent this morning who confirmed they will be planting every 2 to 3 weeks as long as they last.  We are not the only lake they are stocking with the triploids.  They will also be filling all 12 of our net pens with approximately 300 fish per cage.  We will keep them pinned up until next April when they will be released.  They usually grow to about 2 to 3 lbs. each before they are released.

Bobbie Greehling caught two hefty sized Trout on the east side of the lake while trolling a Needlefish.  Mica Fish and Bob Hess each caught their limit of Trout in front of their campsite on worms.  Fred Dever of Napa caught and released over 20 Bass off the face of the dam.  He got some great action using his fly rod, he said you could see the fish real shallow just hanging near the surface.

Terry Malone blew everyone out of the water with the largest catch this week, a 12 lb. Catfish which he caught from shore at the bridge using nightcrawlers for bait.

Jaceson Smith of Natomas brought his friend Boris Crigan fishing and each of  them caught a Catfish by the dam using worms. Boris caught a 3 lb. Cat and Jaceson outdid him with a 5 lb. Cat!!   Don Elliott of Orangevale landed a 2 pound Bluegill on a worm, that’s a big Bluegill.

The weather is perfect for fishing and camping this week too so take advantage while you can and come on up!

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