Trout are chasing the shad

Mostly Trout and Cats were caught this week.  The shad are hatching and it’s sometimes a little tough to find a hungry fish when they have plentiful food out there.  Catfish are scavengers, they bite all the time but the Trout are pickier and seem to really be enjoying all the “free food” that is right before their very eyes!!

Doug Clark & Jimmy Trejo have no problem catching trout at our lake and it seems they have  brought their downriggers up a bit, from 35′ down to 25′ down.  Their favorite lure is made by Mooselock and purchased at Cabela’s and it is a copper colored Mooselock Wobbler.  They swear by them and have no plans on using anything else at our lake! 

Keaton, Ryder, & Klayton of Sac  brought in a 5 lb. 4 oz. Catfish and another one around two pounds.  We didn’t catch what they caught them on though.  Rykker Flechter  hooked a 4 lb. 12 oz. Cat on chicken livers by the dam.Gene Wimsatt of Yuba City landed a Catfish around two pounds using Powerbait from shore.

Laura Perry of Olivehurst hooked a 6 lb. 12 oz. Catfish and it was very difficult to get it to shore since her reel broke in the process but with some help she was able to get it in slowly but surely.  Laura was using a live minnow for bait.  Diane Orozco caught a little bitty catfish from her campsite on a worm.

Gary Coffman of Rohnert Park caught 3 trout one day and 3 more trout the next day just trolling a “naked worm” he said.  Good thing he didn’t put any garments on the worm, that might be a little difficult, like getting a wiggling baby to stay still long enough…I’m sure the reason Gary caught fish had something to do with his crazy fishing outfit (it was bright)!!

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