Another 8-3/4 lb. Trout caught this week

Although this was a quieter week of fishing there were some great catches to report!  Wes Brown from Rocklin was trolling a Needlefish and hooked an 8 lb. 12 oz. Rainbow trout by the dam.  David Bennett caught a 9 lb. 6 oz. Catfish while night fishing using his favorite homemade stinkbait!

Courtney Cervellin of Sac. caught her 1st fish ever and it had a tag on it for a free ice cream, that’s what I call “double dipping”!!  Courtney was trolling near the beach on a Wobbler where she caught her trout.  Donovan Anderson & his dad John from Vallejo had a great week of fishing and caught lots of trout by the dam on PowerBait.

Devin, Taylor, Cody, & Wyatt hooked a Bass near two pounds by the dam using a nightcrawler for bait.  Brandon Engebretsen spent his 9th birthday fishing at our lake and they took a stringer of trout home, they caught them on Rainbow PowerBait by the dam.  Purple PowerBait worked wonders for the Salazar family of Yuba City who also took a stringer of bows home.

The Catfish were on the prowl this week too!  Donovan & baby Kylie picked off a 5 lb. 8 oz. Cat using Anchovies.  Jesse Addison of Antioch netted a 5 lb. 8 oz. Cat as well, he was using hot dogs for bait!!

Although the days are still running in the low 90’s, the evening are cooling off a bit more, to the low 60’s which is helping the shorefishing for those Rainbows who ususally run deeper this time of year.

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