Gonna miss “the kids”

Our littlest fishermen are heading back to school next week and the week after and I’m sure going to miss their excitement when they run up to the store to get a fish picture!!  It has been a real exciting summer all the way around. We’ve had great weather, a “high lake level”, and great shore fishing.  The days get pretty warm but the mornings and evenings are perfect (right around 63 degrees). 

This week’s fishermen brought in lots of Catfish. Shelby Curtis of Nevada City caught her 1st Catfish here at our lake.  Larry Smith caught one by Water’s Edge campground on a worm.  Ricardo Javier netted three Catfish and 2 Trout using worms or Powerbait.  Kevin Severson of Browns Valley used crawdads by the bridge and hooked a 4 lb. 4 oz. CAT.  Darryl Cooper had two little good luck charms (Lucas & Sophia) in his campsite who helped him catch his 5 lb. 4 oz. CAT on nightcrawlers.

Deakon Holden of Fairfield used anchovies to capture his 5 lb. 12 oz. CAT and it was his 1st fish ever!!  The kids in site #216 used sardines to lure their 6 lb. Cat in… Dylan & Devin McKenzie used their old standby catfish bait, a combo of liver & cheese and hooked a 6 lb. 4 oz. Catfish across the lake from their boat.  Blake Bertolin wrapped up his summer with a 5 lb. Catfish which he caught under the powerlines using worms for bait. 

Trout catches came in as a strong runner up to the Cats this week!  Carmen Salazar & her granddaughter landed 9 total off  the dam shoreline on chartreuse PowerBait.  Evan Neff & his Dad also caught their trout by the dam.  Derek Biaggi of Tracy caught the biggest trout in his whole group and showed them all “how it’s done”!  Derek’s biggest trout was a 2 lb. 4 oz. Rainbow, he fished off the dock using worms!!  Jordan & Zac of Browns Valley brought in 7 Rainbows by the dam using worms. 

Mary, Kevin, & Kyle caught 3 limits of Rainbows by the dam on worms, that’s a whopping 15 FISH total! Kit & Cindy Sanders camped here with all their grandsons (Wyatt, Spencer and Travis) and they all caught trout off the  dock on PowerBait on their last camping trip before they return to school. Those are the best kind of memories!!

Three hunks named Kevin, James, & Kyle killed the trout last week!  They trolled about 25′ down using a worm with a Sep’s sidekick and they all limited out on trout.  Donovan Anderson & his Dad John had a great time fishing and camping with Donovan’s Papa.  Donovan caught 3 trout at the dam using PowerBait and his Daddy caught a nice BASS off the dock.

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