August Rush

What a great summer we are having, with lots of catches continuing to come in and the weather holding in the low 90’s (much better than the over 100’s we’ve had in the past.)   Most of the pictures we’ve been taking are sunfish and catfish which are the most common fish caught in the heat of the summer.  A big surprise is how many trout were also caught this past week, which is not as common during the summer months.  Our computer is still experiencing “technical difficulties” and I won’t be able to share those with you this week unfortunately.  As soon as we find out what the problems are I will add them in at a later date.

Catfish catches include a 4 lb. 12 oz. by Anita & Alex Valdez of Yuba City on Powerbait by the dam and a 4 lb. 8 oz. caught on a crappie jig by Mark Newman of Oroville.  A nightcrawler lost his freedom to a 4 pound Cat from shore and netted by Kyle Bisping of Berry Creek. Jess & Casey of Loomis used chicken livers to lure their 5 pound cat down by the dam.  Bobby Argo of SAC used his “leftovers” to catch his 5 lb. 8 oz. Cat on a hotdog!!  David Miller of Chico gets the “hats off award” for the biggest CAT hooked this week, he used anchovies by the dam and caught a 7 lb. 8 oz. CAT.

Jack Payer of Petaluma was all hyped up when he netted an 8 lb. 12 oz. Rainbow Trout while trolling around 30′ down by the dam using PowerBait.  Melissa Brunkal of Vacaville fished from a boat under the power lines and caught a 1-1/2 lb. Rainbow on PowerBait.  Hannah, Josh, Larry & John landed 9 Rainbows by the bridge and power lines using nightcrawlers.  Wes & Tyler Trejo of Elk Grove fished off the dam and hooked 3 Trout on PowerBait.  Cheyenne & Tiara Haines  and little brother Logan Taylor of Ft. Worth were visiting with their grandparents and helped Grandpa John Parker reel in a 1-1/2 lb. Rainbow up towards the bridge.  A local grandma, Carmen Salazar always catches fish here at Collins, this trip she caught 3 nice Rainbows by the dam on Powerbait.  Asher Stolarczyk of Petaluma caught trout two days in a row trolling Needlefish near the dam.  The first day he caught two and the second day he landed a 3 lb. 12 oz. Rainbow.

Jenna Julson from Homeland, CA. caught her Crappie near the marina on a worm.  Kevin Calhoun Jr. from SAC used the same method to capture a Crappie also.  Caleb Hanrihan & Nick Leonard teamed up along the shoreline using worms and they caught three Redear sunfish and one Crappie.  Michael Leonard of SAC hooked a nice Crappie in front on their campsite using a grub worm.  Glory, Tim, Madison & Jacob from Williams caught a nice stringer of fish which included Crappie, Redear, & Trout.  They fished off the rental dock with a combo of worms and PowerBait.  Duane & Brianna Balfor were so tickled to catch a Bass on a live crawdad by the marina.

Joesette Gippetti of San Jose hooked two Bass trolling a blue Rapala in the middle of the lake.  Simon & Salee of Yuba City caught a Bass by the bridge on a swim jig and it weighed two pounds.  Gracie & Reyes caught 6 Bass & a catfish by the dam tossing worms.

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