The “sky is falling”

So sorry for the delay in our updates, thanks to modern technology our computer caught some viruses again and hopefully everything is back to normal.  Since I haven’t been able to update for awhile now I’ll just say our lake is only down 5 feet and the lake temperature is 81 degrees and most of the fish being caught during the day are the Bluegill and Bass.  If you have a boat with downriggers you won’t have any problem finding the trout somewhere between 25 to 35 feet down. 

One of our own Collins Lake workers found a Trout while he was working in the campground under the most unusual circumstances I have ever heard. Now this is a Fish Story: read on

The sky is Falling!!!

           I couldn’t wait to share this amazing fish story with everyone.  One of our workers, Kevin Severson was installing BBQ’s in the new lakefront non hookup sites when he heard a loud noise.  He was sure it sounded like someone throwing a rock at him from the cabins above.  As he yelled up to the cabin and tried to subdue the mischievous monsters, he heard some rustling in the leaves about ten feet away.  Lo and behold on the ground right in front of him was a Trout that looked to be about two pounds in size and he was flipping around as if to say “why am I on dry land?”.  It didn’t take Kevin long to realize that a bird had dropped the fish right at his feet and after closer inspection to the fish he was sure that is what happened.  He looked up to see an Osprey circling around his head above and realized the fish was too much for the little Osprey and he just couldn’t keep his grip on him.  Kevin was sure that it was dropped at his feet for a reason and he only wished another person was their to witness this amazing event with him! 

We saw quite a few large stringers of Trout brought out in the last week which I am sure is due to the  cooler weather patterns.  The Bertolin kids (Blake, Brianna, & Brooke) caught a stringer of 8 trout off the dock on worms.  The Vue family from SAC topped their stringer with a 4 lb. trout and they caught 8 total on PowerBait by the dam.  Joseph Medina of SAC hooked a 3 lb. 8 oz. Rainbow on the east side.  Tanner, Matt & Ty hooked 6 trout on PowerBait using green glitter PowerBait.

Lots and lots of Bluegill and Crappie this past couple of weeks were caught too.  I love seeing the kids on the dock with a string and a hook just catching one after another.  It is such a thrill for little ones especially when it is their first fishing trip ever.  Luciana of Pittsburg & J.J. of Antioch both caught Crappie around a pound each on worms off the dock.  Brianna Bertolin caught a 1 lb. 12 oz. Crappie off the dock on a worm.  Little dustin Moffet from SAC caught his 1st fish ever, a little bitty Bluegill.  Duane Balfor of Olivehurst hooked a Bluegill on worms.  Hats off to Dominic Perez of San Francisco for his amazing stringer of 3 Catfish & 4 Bluegill which he caught on chicken livers by the dam.  Rachelle Davenport showed off her pretty Bluegill caught in Elmer’s Cove on a worm. 

The Catfish  catches have been steady and predictable for this time of year.  They love to feed at night along the banks and love the warm water.  Kelly from Hayward found a “honey hole” on the east side and he caught a stringer of Cats on worms.  His biggest was an 8 lb. 14 oz. and the next biggest weighed 6 lbs. 12 oz.  Tom Mason of Benicia also took a nice stringer of Cats from 4 to 5 lbs. in size and he fished with chicken livers.  Ms. Shannon Sullivan of Marysville used anchovies and fished down by our dam and captured a nice 5 lb. Cat.

Justin McMaus of Healdsburg caught a 2 lb. 8 oz. bass out of Elmer’s Cove on a worm. Trevor caught his bass on a rubber lizard from shore and Mark Evans of Hanford caught 2 Bass on crankbait.  Those were the only Bass catches to report this week.

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