$100 Tagged Trout caught at our bridge

Life is full of surprises, witnessed first-hand by Adam Isaacson & Mike Collins from Upper Lake.  They caught 5 Trout up at the bridge on red PowerBait and were perfectly satisfied with their booty, but super ecstatic when they realized the red tag on Adam’s trout had a $100 cash value to it, OH yeah!!!  For those of you that don’t know how our tagging system works I can explain.  Some (not all) of our planted trout have different  colored tags on their dorsel fin on their back.  If you bring that tag to our store we will immediatly give you your winnings depending on the color of the tag, so don’t forget to look for the tag!!!!

Diane from Rohnert Park spent the day fishing with hubby Mark.  She sure knows how to make a guy feel bad and showed “no mercy” and caught a limit of trout and the biggest one she hooked weighed in at 7 lbs. 8 oz.  They were bottom fishing from their boat up in the north end towards our bridge. You Go Girl!!

Summer Kissinger of Yuba City showed off her talents as well, catching her limit of trout trolling in front of our campground with her downrigger and worms at about 40′.  The Dimeola kids (Ashley, Tyler, and little Bailey) are still catching fish on PowerBait across the lake in their boat. 

James Tarpley hooked 2 nice ones, his biggest was a 4 lb. Rainbow and he also fished near our bridge.

It looks like the kids from the Stellings, Colyers, & Lopez families had a knock down drag out blast catching our little Perch!  Their big grins can’t tell a lie!!

Travis Goodwin from Magalia fished in Elmer’s Cove (near the north end of our campground) with worms and caught a 5 pound Catfish and Taylor Tibbles of Rocklin hooked a 2 lb. 4 oz. Bass on her float tube with a rubber worm.

Three Catfish & two trout were caught by Javier & Ricardo on Monday.  They used worms for bait, they fished in Elmer’s Cove and athe biggest Cat was 7 lb. 12 oz.

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