It’s warming up-you know what that means!!

It means the Trout are starting to go deeper and the Bass, Sunfish, and Catfish are  coming up!!  Trout fishing will still be as strong as ever but not from the shore in the heat of the day.  Shore fishermen will have to hit it as soon as we open in the morning or night fish when the temperatures are cooler.  Trout fishing in a boat is different, trollers will go no deeper than 35′ or they will “drift” off the bottom with PowerBait or an inflated worm.

Ryan Barella & his beautiful daughter Lauren “stormed the lake yesterday”

with their impeccable talent and charming good looks they were able to catch a limit of trout

in less than an hour.

They trolled worms all over the lake, 12′ to 20′ down!!

Brothers Alan Alvis & Rodger Alvis trolled worms with a single sling blade and took 2 limits of trout home this week.  Alan & Aaron Tomiyama of Roseville started their day early and hooked 9 Trout from shore using either PowerBait or worms by the dam.  Sean McKay limited out also on red PowerBait, not sure where though!

John Elward caught a 4 pound Rainbow trolling nightcrawlers on his camping vacation.  Eric Binder & son Jaden from Occidental caught a respectable Rainbow as well, it weighed in at 2 lbs. 4 oz. and they used rainbow Powerbait.  Jimmy Trejo & Doug Clark troll and they always get fish!!  Their favorite lure is by Moose Lock and it is copper colored and looks like a fish.

Jordan & Kaitlyn of Y.C. were trolling between 15′ and 20′ and caught three trout and they used a dodger and a rubber squid lure.  William Baker and family trolled much deeper (between 30′ and 50″) with worms and hooked a limit of trout. Walker & Bohdi both caught a trout from shore on Powerbait by the beach. 

Kudos to Adam Hicks- Adam caught the biggest trout this week,

a 5 lb. 12 oz. Whopper!! 

He trolled in Elmer’s Cove with a gold Kastmaster and was barely under the surface. 

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