Memorial weekend is here already

Almost all the catches this week were Trout, mostly trolling with worms or shore fishing with PowerBait or worms.  David Bunting’s trout really gave him a thrill!! He was shore fishing using PowerBait and hooked onto a 10 lb. 4 oz. Rainbow and netted it himself!  Steve Smith of Orangevale got one up on David though- he trolled a Rapala in the big bay on the east side and caught an 11 pound Rainbow about 40′ down! 

Many limits of Rainbows were caught this week, they seem to be a little big hungrier than last week!  Bertoni & Byron of Colusa each limit on trout trolling Rapalas under the powelines.  Jeff Brice of Sacramento caught his limit from shore on charteuse PowerBait.  Bev Nason & her buddy Pat Rebello teamed up and each limited out by trolling nightcrawlers (threaded up the line with a glob of PowerBait on the hook). They were down 20 to 30 feet using their downriggers and fishing near the big bay in a circular pattern just before the buoy lines going towards the bridge.

This past weekend the weather was so supportive for a fabulous group of special needs kids that came up for a day of fun in the sun and fishing with C.A.S.T. for Kids.  This organization is national, but the local chapter sponsored a day of fun, beginning with breakfast burritos they cooked for the entire group, then the kids teamed up with fishermen who donated their boats and their time to take the kids out for their first encounter with fishing.  In some cases they limited out in the first couple of hours say Bob Bouche from Johnson’s Bait & Tackle who supported their cause.  The leaders said they were looking forward to making it an annual event and as you can see in the pictures, I’m sure the kids agree too!

Nova Bilski of Boulder Creek came camping with her oldest son Robert, and her little guy Ryan and she and Robert introduced Ryan to fishing for the first time here at our lake.  Ryan took to fishing like bread and butter, he hooked them, he reeled them in, and he netted them all by himself.  Even though Ryan was more interested in Gummi worms in our store, he listened carefully to Mommy and surprised them all by catching fish. Good Job little Buddy, can’t wait to see you next year-below is the “Ryan Gallery of photos” taken by his family and sent to us to use in my report!

Ken & Val Borello and Ken’s brother Ernie had a fantastic night out on the lake while catfishing!!  Val caught the big Cat on stinkbait and it weighed in at 11 lbs. 8 oz.  She was fishing the far side of the dam in the first cove off the dam, the next biggest was 6 lb. 4 oz..  Jeremy Schell of Richmond took a 2 lb. Rainbow home which he caught from shore.  Ray & Margaret Johnson have been doing excellent at fishing too.  Twice they took family out fishing and they ALL CAUGHT FISH and they limited out several times.  I notice they talked about how much fun they had but they never mentioned what they used!! I’m going to have to get to the bottom of this!!

Cousins Cheyann & Rachel each caught fish on their campout and they trolled one time and shore fished the other time, both times using nightcrawlers for bait though.  David & Summer each limited out on trout and the biggest was a 3 pound trout, they also trolled worms.  Abbie Richardson of Sac & Abbie Van Dort also caught trout and they were trolling a Kastmaster or bottom fishing with PowerBait.

Kayla, Andrew, & Matthew brought up a nice trout on PowerBait by the dam. Kim Feryance of Woodland is no stanger to Collins Lake, she’s been camping here since she was a baby!  Kim & Robert caught 3 trout off the dock using worms and PowerBait.  Brothers, Billy and Bobby Joby from Grass Valley trolled in front of the docks with a Rapala and took a limit of trout (5 fish) and their biggest was a 2 lb. 12 oz. Rainbow!  Martin, Tony, Sam, and Obi (the dog) trolled with spinners and worms @ 20′ to 25′ down and hooked 7 beautiful trout and one 12 lb. 4 oz. UGLY Catfish!

Geri & Bob Morrison of Clearlake are finally catching trout this year.  They started out slow but have quickly picked up speed, catching their limits the last two times they visited us.  They troll using Needlefish lures and fish mainly along the bank from the dam to the marina.  Howard Victorino of Angwin used PowerBait along the shore by the dam and caught his biggest Trout this year, a 4 lb. Rainbow on citrus PowerBait. 

The Libby family and the Lowe family wrap up their month long stay with us with smiles and hugs all around for a wonderful trip and successful fishing trip as well.  Hilaro Sandoval of Oregon House was smiling big on his way home for the day with his 4 lb. 12 oz. Trout he caught trolling a wedding ring spinner trailing a worm.  The “pizza dough” guys are back, since they work at the local pizza parlor and have access to lots of “dough”, it’s kind of “not fair” they always catch fish here!  Do I believe them? NOT  The story goes however, James Chandless & Klint Schroeder caught their trout on their own pizza dough, Klint’s fish was 3 pounds!! 

We are looking forward to great fishing, great weather, and a glorious Memorial Day weekend……….

by: Kathy Hess

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