It’s warming up pretty fast now

With the lake temperature rising this week, it has pushed the trout down a bit.  The last temperature reading was 71 degrees at nine in the morning.  Shore fishermen will have to get here early in the morning to catch them from the bank, we now open at 5:30 am.  Trollers are going down below 10′ although toplining seems to still be working in the early morning hours.  Doug Clark of Elk Grove and his buddy Jimmy Trejo of Yuba City found their limit @ 15′ down and used Kastmasters.  Little Michael Jaber of Antioch “played hooky” from his kindergarten class and came fishing with his Papa and caught his1st fish ever using a worm by the marina.

The Biggest Trout of 2011 was caught on a silver flasher and nightcrawler in Elmer’s Cove by Dick Hicks of Sonoma.  His son Rick Hicks was “the netter” of their 12 pound beauty, WOW it was an awesome fish.  Ray &  Margaret Johnson kicked it on their 1st day out!!  Margaret said, “the weather was perfect, the lake is full, and life is good at Collins Lake”.  They each hooked a limit of Rainbows.  Bob Crawford of Chico came back with a vengeance!! He limited out on trout, his biggest was 3 lb. 8 oz. and he topped his already heavy stringer with a 5 lb. 12 oz. Catfish as well, using orange PowerBait fishing the east bank from a boat.

Alan Barber of Woodland stayed right in his campsite below the store and caught a limit of trout on PowerBait.  Little Adam and big sister Ava Contreras of Woodland caught thier 1st fish ever with Adam.  Tim Lesondak of Auburn caught a gorgeous 6 lb. 8 oz. Rainbow on PowerBait.  A 9 lb. Cat was hooked on a worm across the lake by Daniel O’Conell of Lincoln

Zeke Cruz of Orangevale used fire colored Needlefish to lure four nice Rainbows in the boat.  Andrew Power of San Jose drifted PowerBait near the dam from his boat and caught a Rainbow almost 2 lbs.  Jamee & Justin Bullock of Walnut Creek found a trout apiece while fishing the beach using Powerbait.

The only Bass reported this week was by Ruben Ortiz and he was in a boat by Elmer’s Cove using a rubber minnow.

We are expecting a plant this week and have plans to continue planting weekly through Memorial Day Weekend if the weather is agreeable and it doesn’t get too hot.  We had some warm days last week and the next week it sounds like it is going to cool down again.

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