10 lb. 12 oz. Titan Trout caught by Robert Kiles

It’s a good possibility that Robert Kiles from Reno, Nv. captured the “Titan Trout” (a 10 lb. 12 oz. monster) while bass fishing with a roboworm with a shakey head!  He was up in the channel when the huge Trout swallowed the worm and the fight was on, he was slightly surprised to pull up a Trout though!!  The excitement started on Friday however, when David Agrillo of San Jose was pre-fishing our lake for their own private tournament for Braggin Rights and landed a 9 lb. 8 oz. Rainbow.   I haven’t heard yet who won the trophy for their group but David shook everyone up on Friday night check-in by showing off how big they really get in Collins Lake! He used a rainbow colored Rapala and trolled on the surface….

Another big trout caught on Friday was by Steve Tucker of Woodland, while trolling with a spinner and worm combo.  Catherine Mantz of Vacaville caught a nice Trout on Friday while pre-fishing for the big CIFFI Derby which opened Saturday morning.  The weather was ideal on Sat. and lots of people showed up and participated in the Derby put on by California Inland Fisheries Foundation, Inc.  It’s an annual event here at the lake and usually is held in April.  Catherine Mantz(a jr. participant) did pick up speed on Sat. and caught a 7 lb. 2 oz. Rainbow on flashers and worms to enter in the derby.  She lost out on 1st place to Justin Livengood, who entered his two biggest fish totalling 8 lb. 9 oz.  That is incredible!!  The “biggest fish” winner  for the adults was only 3 lb. 8 oz. and won George Harrison of Grass Valley $290.00. The two biggest fish also won 1st place for George which was $750.00.  A total list of winners is on http://www.kokanee.org/.  The event was quite successful, the weather was perfect, the food was really yummy, and the prizes were great!!

The Saturday after Easter which is 4/30 is another Derby which will be sponsored by William Jessup University and also is open to the public, to sign up you can call Gary Gorans at 530-676-7070.  The cost to enter the derby  is $35 per adult and children are FREE (plus your camping or day use fees).

Nicole Arnold of Hayward caught fish on Friday and Sat. with Willie and she placed in the CIFFI Derby also.  Frank Beaushaw & Tony Ciongoli of Orangevale trolled Kastmasters near the dam and caught four Trout and the biggest was a whopping 8 lbs.   Norman Misaique of Las Molinos and his lovely bride (Perla) also hooked an 8 lb. 4 oz. monster trout and some others while trolling Rapalas near the power lines.  Josh & Justin Barrick of Plumas Lake fished way up under the bridge and netted four trout while fishing with worms.  Rick & Gus Grimmett of Citrus Heights caught a limit of trout trolling Apex lures or broken back Rapalas, mostly orange ones said Rick.

Rachel Wittler and friend Will from Rocklin hooked a limit of Rainbows and a Bass on the east side of the lake on PowerBait from their boat.  Later, her Dad Doug and Grandpa Dom caught some nice ones too and they trolled Rapalas & Kastmasters by the dam.   I am hearing a lot about “drop shotting” from boats and fish being caught this way while drifting with worms near the shoreline in less than 20 ft. of water.  The Dale family of Roseville did great using this method.   The rest of the shore catches have been on PowerBait, all colors of PowerBait but primarily chartreuse.  Chris Hazen, Ron, & Max caught 14 Rainbows off the beach using multi-colored PowerBait.

The lake will be stocked at least twice a week until we are unable to stock anymore, and don’t forget to look for “prize tags” on the back of your trout.  Not all trout are tagged so you have to pay attention to each one.

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