Big Trout Tournament coming up

Only a few weeks left until the CIFF Tournament at Collins Lake!  It is going to be held on Saturday-April 16th and is open to the public for a $50 fee per adult, kids are FREE.  We have the applications and will mail one to you if you want to participate so give us a call at 1-800-286-0576 if you would like one.

Last weekend was rainy, windy, and generally terrible for most outdoor activities in our area.  Collins Lake was “blessed” by a huge group of people who participated in the Poolman’s Derby.  Most of them were in tents and as the relentless rain continued I was amazed that not one of them left early.  The planners of that event were fantastic, they provided huge tents with a big screen TV and food galore and heaters to boot.  Hopefully  I will get the results by next week on their derby winners and will be able to report it as I gain the information.  Boaters did much better due to the wind, it was almost impossible for shore fishermen to keep their line out far enough.  Darrin Vieira’s little guy “Pinball” didn’t let that bother him and on his birthday which he celebrated here, he was the only one in his group to catch a fish (the day before the tournament)!!  Big brother “unhooked” it for him!

Some other great camper photos were submitted by Dave & Janet Wendlandt of Cottonwood.  They caught trout by site #117 where they were camping with their baby labrador and Dave’s biggest fish (almost 4 lbs.) was almost as long as his pup!  They left with a limit of trout which they caught on homemade PowerBait.  I wasn’t here when yet another camper brought us some great fishing photos, so I don’t know his name but the pictures are great, so thanks so much!

Ray Pray of Marysville caught a 3 lb. Rainbow using PowerBait by the dam.  Chris Hazen limited out on trout off the beach using PowerBait.  He’s displaying them on the brand spanking new fish hanger that he personally made for us, thanks again Chris you’re the best!   The Alvis guys of Antelope trolled Rapalas on the marina side of the lake and each caught a nice Rainbow Trout.

Ashley & Ay Vue of Marysville limited on on trout and their biggest weighed 4 lb. 8 oz. which they hooked from shore in the Open Camping Area.  Kevin & Jeramy of Live Oak took a limit home as well fishing in the Open Area using either yellow or orange PowerBait. 

Shawna & Robert of Newark did quite well also.  They each netted a 3 lb. trout from the shore by the dam using green & rainbow colored PowerBait.

It looks like rain, rain, and more rain for the upcoming week.  Don’t forget your galoshes!!

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