Titan Trout in the Open Area is ready to do battle

There is a “giant” amongst us, just ask Chase Tarr of Marysville who hooked the “Titan Trout” and battled with him on Sunday and lost him!! Chase was using a rainbow colored Kastmaster and that monster Trout bit the hook right off the end of the lure.  Then it jumped out of the water several times trying to spit the hook lodged in his lip, showing everyone on shore just “how big” he really is!!  Chase didn’t go home empty handed though, he proceeded to land a couple nice Trout around three pounds.  Hid Dad, Ken Tarr, came back on Tuesday to try and catch it with no luck.  Ken did catch three Trout at the bridge and two more off the beach.

The Titan Trout did get “hooked up” again on Monday with one of our annual pass holders and he fought him for 45 minutes and had to keep giving him more and more line that he was able to wrap around a tree in the water.  When the guy was telling me his story he said if the water was warmer he would have waded out to get it.  The fight is ON!!! for the Titan Trout-will you be the one to net him?  Better bring a really big net according to onlookers!!

Joe Galea of Browns Valley limited out off the beach and Chris Hazen of Grass Valley caught three nice Rainbows on powerbait off the beach too.  Gary Kilday & Monica Shelton of Nevada City were happy with their 3 lb. Trout which they hooked on chartreuse powerbait by the dam.  Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Mudrick of Oroville took home six Trout and the biggest weighed 3 pounds.  The “Mrs.” caught five of them, Leroy is good at netting them though!!

Anthony Alfaro of Antioch limits out on a combo consisting of a orange powerbait rubber worm/and green powerbait all on one hook.  He never left his campsite, he caught them all in the campground in front of his site.  Jaceson Smith of Natomas snuck away without his twin boys and limited out on Trout.  His stringer weight was nine and three quarter pounds, he used powerbait in the Open Area.  Robert and Alan Alvis always catch fish at Collins Lake and this week was no different.  They trolled with firetiger Rapalas or worms and a 4 lb. Trout topped their stringer!

The Paine brothers (Steve & Brian) of Marysville caught the biggest Trout this week, it weighed 4 lbs. 3 oz. along with a 2 lb. They were trolling with a Cripplure by the buoys going towards the bridge.  Grandpa Chuck Gibson & granddaughter Baylee Phillips caught a whole stringer of Trout from the Open Area shoreline on inflated nightcrawlers.

Mike Young of Oroville was camping here for a few days when his female chihuahua gave birth to a baby boy.  He was stillborn but Mike saved his life and named him Lucky (for being alive).  I took his picture in an 8″ basket, he is tiny!  Mike sprang into fishing mode and caught a 3 lb. Trout on Powerbait, he felt a little lucky himself!  Randy Packham of Penn Valley almost limited out off the beach using yellow powerbait-he caught four nice Rainbows.

Little Bitty Marissa of Martinez came out of the boat looking like she had a “bad hair day” but man oh man was she happy with her Rainbow she got to reel in using a Needlefish trolling by the dam. The Sanders family “man campout’ was a success and they caught Trout by their campsite.  Thanks to Mom for emailing us their pictures!

Our lake is brim full and the sun is shining, another private plant will arrive next week so come join in on the fun!

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