3rd Plant will come this week for sure

Our 3rd plant is scheduled to arrive this week for sure, haven’t seen the white of their eyes yet!!  It was a very interesting week, and two of our campers toughed it out through the rain, sleet, and snow!  Andy & Lisa Williams didn’t fish this week, they just enjoyed the beauty and wonder of the great outdoors as seen in the photos on this page!  Thank You Andy & Lisa for these spectacular photos you gave to us to share with our readers!!

Now back to the fishing!!  This week netted lots of big fish, including five fish over 4 lbs.  Ay Yue of Marysville caught four Rainbow Trout on white powerbait by the dam, his biggest was  4 lb. 8 oz.   Cliff Morgan of Rancho Cordova trolled with Cripplures around twenty feet down and his two biggest Trout were 4 lbs. and 3-1/2 lbs

Dan Kane of Plumas Lake was Top Dawg this week with his heavy stringer of  Rainbows.  Dan trolled with worms on the east side of the lake and hooked a 3 lb. 8 oz., a 4 lb. and a 4 lb. 12 oz. Rainbow.  He should “get out of town” more often!!

Dave Callison and his buddy Kevin cleaned up on the Bass yesterday.  The biggest one Kevin got was a 4 pound Florida Largemouth.  They were all over the lake but not too deep which surprised me since the temperature had dropped.  They use crawdads for bait.

Young Ethan  Hansard of Orangevale caught a Trout in front of his site and let his little sister Emma hold it up for her photograph too.  He is such a great “big brother” !!  Another Ethan & Calin of Penn Valley came up to get a picture too, he had caught his trout on worms also closer to the swimming beach. 

Last, but not least, our tiniest fisherlady Tatum of Gridley caught her 1st Fish ever!  Her’s was a Rainbow Trout which she caught off the beach on powerbait.  Good Job Tatum!

Well, we’ve had sun, rain, hail, and snow then back to rain but this weekend starting Friday looks like perfect weather to get out and go fishing.

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