2nd Trout plant to arrive this week

Our 2nd Trophy Trout plant will be delivered in the next few days (another 1,300 lbs.) along with some cooler days.  It seems that winter has returned so bring your thermals and it’s all good!!  Bass fishing greatly improved these past couple of weeks, it seems they were enjoying the beautiful sunny days we were all soaking up in Jan. and Feb.  Dameon & D.J. of Gridley caught a 2 lb. 8 oz. Bass along with four Rainbows off the beach shore fishing with worms or powerbait.  Peter Clayton of Biggs came fishing with his son and caught his 1st Trout at Collins Lake.  They were trolling a Cripplure and Peter’s fish was a 2 lb. 4 oz. healthy Rainbow Trout!

Jimmy Trejo & Doug Clark were able to camp for a few days and caught beautiful Trout (the biggest being 3 lb. 12 oz.) plus a huge Catfish that weighed in at 12 lb. 4 oz.  They use a Wobbler lure by Mooselock and it’s color was a brilliant copper (Size 1/6 oz.) According to them, it’s the only lure they ever use and it “always works”.   They really aren’t bragging, it’s true- they gave my husband a lure to try so we will put it to the test soon!! 

Big Ed Everhart & his son Cole landed 4 nice Bass this past week and he commented below

Well my son Cole and I had a good day of fishing yesterday. We caught
around 12 -15 bass, most came on crawdad imitating jigs. First I have to
let you know your thermometer is incorrect, the actual temperature of the
lake (surface temp) was 46.4 in the morning and 48.1 in the evening. The
fish were not overly active, but if you fished in the 10 to 15 foot level
you would find the feeding fish. we did catch a few on dartheaded worms
(light colored). We fished the east side of the lake mostly but caught
fish on the west as well. Also stayed in the main body all day. most of
the bass were around a pound and a half with four or five over two pounds.

Shane Besser sends us a picture via e:mail (see above in the slideshow), thanks so much Shane I love those pictures on the lake, they are so awesome. Shane’s Trout was a 3 lb. beauty which he caught in a cove on the east side using powerbait.

A big Hurrah to Billy Bob of Grass Valley, he hooked his 3 lb. 8 oz. Trout and 3 smaller ones by his campsite while using powerbait.  Nick & Greg Snyder of Roseville got 3 Trout total under the power lines trolling a Rapala.  Clifford Morgan of Rancho Cordova used white Cripplures or white Needlefish and hooked 2 nice Trout by the dam.  Phillip & Lonnie of Sac. rented a “slow boat to  China” but we took  care of them and eased them into a much faster one!! Even though their boat was giving them fits, they kept their cool and ended up taking home a 3 lb. Bass they caught on a nightcrawler. 

BOB MARTINELLI of SONOMA caught the biggest Trout this week, 

Congrats Bob on that 5 lb. 4 oz. monster Rainbow caught while toplining with a Cripplure under the power lines. 

Tim Blasco & Diana Wilmoth of Grass Valley fished with the most popular color of powerbait ever to hit the market, that would be chartreuse green with glitter and it catches a lot of fish at Collins Lake!  Carmen Salazar & daughter Kathy braved that wind storm on Tuesday.  All the guys wrapped it up early but these two women are relentless when it comes to their fishing time and their “mother-daugher time”  They caught some nice, plump, juicy bows and took them home for dinner.

Just this morning Chris Johnson of Browns Valley caught a 3 lb. 8 oz. Rainbow Trout while trolling a yellow dodger and a Fire Tiger Rapala by the dam.  A local Loma Rica family “The Bullivant’s” – made up of Wyatt, Ruby, Lacy, & Mike got a photo of their 3 Trout on their way out, real nice fish they caught trolling nightcrawlers.  Kyla Thronburg of Loma Rica also trolled with Rapalas and caught her first Trout.

All in all it was a great week, with lots of action from the Trout and the Bass and a few surprise Catfish catches.  All the fish were caught in the first fifteen feet of water ( from the surface to 15′) and powerbait or worms from shore and lures or worms on the troll.  It will be interesting to see what happens in the next couple of weeks since the weather is sure to bring some rain, wind, and cooler nighttime temperatures. 

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