Warmest January I can remember

Wow, I can’t remember a January where we had 66 degrees for a high and it is expected to stay that way for the next week to ten days.  Because our lake is full and the weather is fabulous, we are starting our Trout Stocking Program two weeks earlier than originally planned.  Planting will begin the 1st week of February then again before President’s weekend.  We will continue to plant every other week until Mid March when we step it up to weekly plants.

“Catching” fish in January has also increased as a result of the 2010 fall planting!  John Anderson of Lincoln & his friend David brought John’s young son Clay up for an overnight “camping & fishing experience”.  That night Clay & Dad each caught a Trout but left them in the water on a stringer-Bad idea!! The next morning they found the stringer a few feet up from the high water mark, but no Trout in site, the racoons had feasted on them!  The next day they caught 4 more Trout, using a yellow mallow in combination with a nightcrawler. 

Little Madyson Waters of Marysville was the ONLY one in her group to catch a TROUT and she used peach power bait and her BARBIE POLE!!  Little Isabel Carillo of Yuba City also caught a TROUT while fishing with her Dad using rainbow powerbait.

John Hinders of Marysville ( a seasoned fisherman at Collins Lake) hooked a 4 lb. Rainbow Trout and I got the pleasure of eating it for supper with my husband.  It was the best Trout I’ve ever had, it had a red meat to it like a salmon and it lasted us a couple of days.

David Herrick caught a 3 lb. Trout by his campsite (#109) on rainbow powerbait.  Jason Hoover of Chico was trolling near the dam using a #5 silver Blue Fox lure and hooked a 3 lb. 6 oz. Rainbow Trout.  Last, but not least, Martin Ontiveros caught his 2 lb. 8 oz. Trout using powerbait by the dam.

Look for the weather here to continue to be sunny through the weekend, so grab you pole and head this way to capture some rays!

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