Sunny weekend coming up

Looking forward to this weekend expecting highs in the 60’s!!  The store will look a little different so don’t be too surprised as we are getting a new floor.  No worries though, we still have ice cream!!

Talked to a fisherman this morning who said toplining wasn’t working for him so he went down two colors (around 15′) and started catching trout.  He also found a couple in the bushes up by the bridge where the water is running in.

Darrel & his son Dustin caught a Trout on corn powerbait and little Eddie Varner used white powerbait to hook a 2 lb. 12 oz. Trout off the beach.  Danae & John Ross of Marysville fished near the Water’s Edge group camp area and landed three Bows.

Dave Callison & his sidekick Kevin caught two limits of Bass from their boat on the east side in the brush.

Brothers Dylan & Daniel Anderson of Marysville have the knack for catching Trout at our lake.  Dylan caught a 2 lb. 12 oz. Rainbow off the beach on powerbait.

Tyler Jagd used “persistence” to hook a 2 lb. 4 oz. Rainbow, he fished almost everyday of his Christmas vacation and finally on his last day off he landed a beauty on orange powerbait.

Although fishing slowed down a bit this week there are still plenty to catch from our Fall planting program and the ones they are catching are “beefy” and weighing in from two to three pounds.  I’ve also heard they taste excellent.

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