Happy New Year-Our lake is spilling!!

 We are so excited to start the New Year with a full lake and not have to worry all spring long if we are going to get enough rain to fill us up!!  This past week the fishing and “catching” has really improved due to the runoffs which are still continuously flowing into the lake.  Once the lake “turned” and the shad started appearing , then the fishing “on top” or from the shore has been the way to go.   I am hearing that ALL colors of powerbait are working.  Orange is the main color of Rapala getting the most catches.

Chris Lewis hooked two beautiful trout trolling with a fire tiger Z-Ray.   Chuck Lentz of Roseville and Aaron Dixon of Rocklin took a couple of days to get “the hang of it” but when they did it was dy-no-mite!!  They hooked an 8 lb. Cat, a German Brown, and oodles of Rainbows from shore on either worms or powerbait. 

Carmen Salazar of Yuba City along with her daughter Kathy used orange or purple powerbait by site #222 and took a limit of trout home.  Little Lizzy Varner showed her daddy and grandpa how to fish, her stringer consisted of 4 Trout and a Bass.  Lizzy decided on worms instead of powerbait and fished by the boat ramp.  Chris & Kyle of Grass Valley also took home a limit of Trout (biggest was 2 lb. 4 oz.) and they fished from shore near the dam.  The George family and friend Kyle Okimoto caught 16 Rainbows using a variety of powerbait colors and they fished the “rocky point” near the dam from shore.

Sean Wallace of Danville fished off the swimming beach and landed two hefty trout using powerbait.  Brandon Lankford of Wheatland trolled with worms and netted a 2 pound trout near the dam.

Morgan & Austin get caught the biggest Rainbow this week, topping the list with a 3 lb. 8 oz. Rainbow!! They caught in near a group area in the Open Area on powerbait.  Brent Gould caught the next biggest trout, a 3lb. German Brown.  He brought his son Paul and his friend Weston Harris to take advantage of the last fishing day of the year and it paid off!!  They left with a couple of fish and a giant ice cream cone and big smiles-it doesn’t get any better than that!!

Amy Gregory of Kenwood was fishing by her campsite and netted a 2 lb. 8 oz. Rainbow on “chartreuse sparkly powerbait”  she said.  We took her picture with her Mom and he Mom-in-law to be (the wedding party)!!

Our private planting will begin as planned which is the week prior to President’s weekend (mid Feb.) if we don’t have a ton of water going over the spillway.  We wouldn’t want them all to go over the dam before you get a chance to catch them.  From the looks if it, there are still plenty of fish to be caught from our fall plants.  The weather has been cold but sunny (no fog or snow) so take advantage of the fishing now, just bring your warm gloves and rain gear.

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