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Jairiko Rodarte bagged a 3 X 4 Buck during the Jr. Hunt in Daugherty Hill Wildlife Area and it happened below our dam and just happened to be his 14th Birthday as well!! His stepdad Joe went with Jairiko that day and it was the biggest buck taken from that area from a Jr. Hunter in 2010.

I can’t apologize enought to our readers for taking so long to update our page!! After I returned from my vacation I found out our  computer had a very bad illness (virus) and had to go on a vacation too!!!  We are both back and doing well, hope you’re ready for some good news!  The lake has officially “turned over” and it is only 16′ from spill.  According to the weather forecast we will be getting a lot of rain throughout the next 10 days.  Usually when it rains that much in such a short period of time the clarity of the water will darken, right now it’s clear.  Limits of Rainbow Trout have been going out of here since we finished our Fall Trout stocking program.  Boaters are trolling shallow with minnow type lures ( Rapalas, Rebels, or Kastmasters are a few to mention).   Bank fishermen are limiting out using powerbait and most of the time the favorite color is chartreuse, although today it was corn which is a dull yellow. 

Thanksgiving weekend produced a ton of Trout catches!  The Walker boys took four Rainbows trolling a worm with a bead.  Greg Machen and his sons caught three using powerbait off the beach.  Todd, Victor & Michael earned a limit using purple powerbait.  Ron Andrews and Chris Hazen of Grass Valley hooked a couple of limits from shore near the dam on chartreuse powerbait.

A local family, the Severson’s cleaned up on Trout using powerbait.  All the kids caught fish, ( Mason, Maliyah, & Tori) along with their Uncle Matt and cousin Camry who caught her 1st Fish!!

Korinne Tarp of SAC landed three Trout on Flatfish, trolling around 15 ft. down.  The Trout are now biting on top or from shore, there is no need to troll with downriggers or lead core line this time of year.  Big Juan, John & Jim of SAC had a great day of fishing too, they took a nice stringer of Trout home, using nightcrawlers by the dam.  John English of Yuba City had a couple of good days fishing up at the north end by the bridge, his biggest Trout was 3 lb. 4 oz.  John Hinders and his wife have also had great luck at the bridge this week, using powerbait.

Kristen Cook of Oroville trolled with Cripplures and caught two trout over two pounds each.  Jacob Clausen of Citrus Heights had great luck with yellow power eggs at the rental marina, he took 4 Trout home!  Little bitty Jacob Marin of Browns Valley caught his 1st trout off the Open Area shoreline on power bait, and his big fish weighed 2 lb. 12 oz.

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