2nd Fall Plant arrived on Thursday 11/4

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Fishing this week has been a blast since the Trout are within the first ten feet!! Gary Murray & his son Mike trolled with three poles and hooked up all three poles at the same time.  They  caught and released seven Trout and took home five beauties for Momma to cook up for dinner!!

Tom Pochert and Mas Nuki pre-fished last week and also did great while trolling flasher and nightcrawlers.  Later in the week their fishing club (The Slow Trollers) from Yuba City SIRS returned for a mini tournament and all caught fish.

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Two seasoned fishermen, Alan & Robert Alvis trolled with worms and flashers and landed 6 Rainbows and told us the fish are shallow so trollers don’t need to troll any deeper than 15′ down.

Dave Callison & his fishing partner Kevin each limited out on Bass this week, in their special spot up towards the bridge using live crawdads.

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Steven Finn of Oroville was the only one in his group to catch a Trout yesterday and he was using powerbait and fishing from the rental dock.

David Bunting gave up hunting and picked up his pole and hooked a limit of  huge Rainbows yesterday just fishing from shore.  He lucked into being here during the plant and he tossed a spoon type lure from shore to round them up with!!

H U N T I N G   C O R N E R

Our own Mike Jagd hunted the last weekend of the season last Saturday across from our lake entrance in Donovan Hill Wildlife area and bagged a buck.   He said it was a hard choice (hunt or watch the Giants game) !!

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It seems he made the right choice, his buck was really nice, it was a 2 X 3 (18′ tall).

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