1st of five plants arrived this week

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On Monday we received our first fall Trout plant and they started biting on Wednesday real good.  Several of our campers and local fishermen picked up some limits and mostly on chartreuse powerbait from shore.  Two limits were taken by the dam from shore.

Tim Rubino from Grass Valley fished in front of his campsite with chartreuse powerbait and hooked a Rainbow.  Frank Lewis of Rocklin tried another method, using a worm and yellow mallow he and Phineas & Aubrie caught 2 Rainbows from shore by the marina.

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Sierra & Brooke of Ripon brought us a 3 lb. 8 oz. Cat and a Redear Sunfish for their photo in their matching “peace” shorts!! They said they were fishing with worms.

Eric & Enzo of San Jose topped the charts this week with their 6 lb. 8 oz. Rainbow.  Little Enzo told me he caught the “first half” and his stepfather Eric caught the “2nd half” of that monster Trout. They hooked it in front of their campsite on rainbow powerbait. Now that’s what I call T E A M W O R K ! ! !

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John Elward of Paradise caught a beautiful Redear Sunfish off the dock on a nightcrawler.  The week before his wife Joni caught a big Trout and he just couldn’t let her “show him up entirely”!

Bob Corbett of Rocklin fished off the rocky point by the rental boat dock using powerbait and he netted a 17″ Rainbow Trout which was his only fish of the day but said he would be back for more!

We received almost 5 inches of rain last week and that was a “first” for us.  I can’t remember ever getting that much rain in the first rain of the season. The island is almost covered up again, our lake rose a couple of feet. Ususally the first few rains of the season will just be to saturate the dirt before we ever get any runoff at all.  If this keeps up we will have no problem starting 2011 season with a full lake again!

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