Fall Trout Plants are just around the corner

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I hope everyone is looking forward to the fall weather like we are!! Once it cools down a bit we can start our Fall Trout Planting which will consist of a plant a week for five consecutive weeks.  Our hope is to start the planting as planned (mid October) pending the lake’s surface temperature.  The temperature has stayed at 73 degrees for the past three weeks and it looks like it will start dropping next week as the extended forecast is showing 70 degree days instead of 98 degrees which we have had over the past few days.   As soon as we reach “ideal conditions” which is 70 degrees or less surface temp, the planting will begin and you guys will be the first to know. I will post it on our website as it happens!!!

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Ryan Tomchick of Sacramento holds the title for the Biggest Trout this month, a 7 lb. 8 oz. Rainbow he hooked on a Rapala trolling by the marina.  His buddy Mike got a 6 pounder in August using the same method.  I don’t know if they’re just lucky or (truly talented)!!

Justin & Jake Leonard of Grass Valley double teamed a hefty 4 lb. 8oz. Rainbow by the dam.  They trolled with a gold kastmaster and landed two trout together!  Jacob Smith of SAC used live crawdads  by the bridge in hopes of catching a Bass and hooked a 3 lb. Cat instead.

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A limit of Trout went to Leonard Guidici who trolled with nightcrawlers in the middle of the lake about thirty feet down.  His biggest was a 4 lb. Rainbow!  Dave Scott of Bakersfield also took it to the limit, come heck or high water he was here to fish his heart out and that’s what he did.  He only had one night’s stay and his head barely hit the pillow and he was back at it again!  Five trout later, he had to go home and left with a big smile, a sunburned head, and a collins lake ice cream!!  Dave trolled the east side in 30 to 35′ of water using Rapalas.

Carmen Salazar, (an old Collins Lake croany) found 3 Trout hanging out in her secret hole, and she used powerbait (as always) to catch her beautiful Rainbows.  Another seasoned veteran fisherman, Jerry Freeman of Live Oak who likes to night fish in his boat caught a 6 lb. 12 oz. Catfish!  He always fishes in Elmer’s Cove and always uses Sardines for bait…….

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