A REAL “Fish Story”

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Here’s a “Fish Story” for you!  My cousin from Nevada named Mica Fish (no I’m not kidding) was camping here last weekend with his lovely wife Peggy.  They took a boat up in the north end and Peggy was reading a good book and Mica was fishing.  For just a moment he took his hand off the pole and the next second they both watched in awe as it flew out of the boat and disappeared about 30 yards away into the lake.  They actually couldn’t speak for a few brief  minutes until they realized what just happened.  I’m sure Peggy was laughing, but Mica went crazy.  By the time he got to the store to re-tell his story to me I was hysterically laughing.  I calmed him down by giving him a pole from our lost and found and bless his heart he did go back the next day and catch a fish. It wasn’t as big as the sneaky one that took his pole, but it was a decent sized Redear Sunfish that saved face for him, it weighed 1 lb. 4 oz.  His cousin Wild BOB  (my husband) was there to witness the catch of the Redear!

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3 yr. old Hayden & 5 yr. old Mason Holbrook used their magic “brother power” to capture a 2 lb. 4 oz. Trout from shore also, but using yellow powerbait.  Brentt Barron of Chico caught his Rainbow Trout off the rental boat dock while tossing worms.

Ray Johnson and his little dog Coco spent a glorious few days fishing and although he got some “takedowns”  and his excitement grew he didn’t catch too many fish. What he and Coco did catch on their last day made up for it, he caught a 4 lb. Trout from the shore using a nightcrawler & green powerbait combo.

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Ralph Housley of Folsom was trolling flahsers and a worm near the dam and netted a 4 lb. Rainbow Trout!  Jerry Freeman of Live Oak caught 3 Catfish just last night. I asked him if he got a little cold and he had to admit “it got a bit nippy” for him.   Jerry said “anything over 10 lbs. I throw back, they just aren’t good eatin!”  He brought in a 6 lb. 4 oz., a 5 lb. 4 oz., and a 3 lb. 12 oz. all caught in Elmer’s Cove on sardines.

Just a reminder to our readers, during the fall and winter months I will be updating our website approximately every 2 weeks.  There will be some weeks when we don’t have any fishermen (due to weather) which means no “news” to report.  The weather is just perfect right now, a high in the 70’s during the day.

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