The Lake is “turning”

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You’ve all been waiting for this moment-our lake is turning and Fall weather has begun.  The Trout have come up to feed on shad which have been hatching for a couple of weeks now. Just yesterday a local guy David Bennett took two little kids fishing and they caught their own crawdads and fished the coves.  Tommy & Suzanna helped in catching the crawdads and they all caught fish. Tommy hooked a 2 lb. Bass and Suzanna hooked a Trout. All in all they caught 8 fish and one was a nice Catfish.  Ed Netzel & Ron Ross (seasoned camper veterans) have been fishing all week for Bass and said it’s been tough. They are catching some and really aren’t complaining, they’re having a ball.

Last weekend we had a huge turnout of Breast Cancer Awareness supporters who fished a derby sponsored by Bart Riebe of Riebe’s Auto Parts out of Grass Valley.  Even our employees got in the “pink mood” and dressed  to fit the occasion!

Gary Hatten & his son Elijah were the big winners of the Catfish category  and they called themselves “Team Hatten”. They hooked a 16 lb. 8 oz. Catfish while fishing for Bass and were hugely surprised by their monster Whiskerfish!!

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Hats off to KC, a tournament fisherman who caught the Biggest Bass and the Biggest Trout and would have had the Biggest Cat if it weren’t for Team Hatten that blew him off the map on their catch. KC is pictured with Bass Pro Ed Everhart with his huge 7 lb. 12 oz. Largemouth. KC also received a prize for the three biggest Trout, 4 lb. 3 oz., 3 lb., and a 2 lb. 7 oz. The Biggest Panfish award went to Devon Campbell and his was the ONLY Panfish brought to the weigh in! Good job Devon!

Multiple Catfish catches that followed suit went to Archie & John Pearson, Brian & Kevin Potter, Brian & Devon Campbell, and Richard & Katrina Hale.  More Trout catches reported came from Cris Hine, Christina Brock, Lisa Storey, & Mike Van H.  More bass catches were reported from Gary Hatten, Matt Shaw, Don Larios, & Richard Hale and a puny one caught by Big Ed!!  Jay Cooper (Mr. Organizer) didn’t have time to fish, he was cooking most of the time and I can verify that his Tri-Tip was fabulous, Thanks Jay!!

Little Zack Sousa was the only one in his camp that caught a fish this week, a gorgeous Redear Sunfish from the dock.

Hunter’s Corner

Daugherty Hill Wildlife Area connects to Collins Lake down below our dam. This area is popular for deer hunting, bear hunting, and turkey hunting. Rules & Regulations can be found on Fish & Game’s website. If you wish to hunt this area and access through Collins Lake you pay a Day Use fee for just the day or a camping fee if you plan on staying longer.

This past week a 2 & 3 Buck was harvested by Mike Jagd of Oregon House .  Luckily he took a guide with him (his wife Kelly) because it proved fruitful!!  Mike promised me some venison jerky, his recipe is the BEST.

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